Another Filipino bids his country goodbye (and hopefully just for now!)

I read the article with keen interest. I never imagined that I would be at the same footing. Yes, I’m also contemplating to leave my motherland. The first time I went abroad to stay for a long time–I never thought of wanting to stay in a foreign land–no matter what.

However, as things become clear for the Philippines–people like me–not a middle class and but not at the low class of society–want it out. For Jim Paredes, as the article cited, he had all the money, fame, a house among other things–things that I still dream sometimes (but thank God I’m most of the time satisfied). What went wrong? The Philippines, I believe, is perceived by many expats as a nation of no hope. From the political squabbling, to innate corruption in every level of bureaucracy.

I tried my best of working for the country as I believe that every Filipino should contribute to its development. However, to everywhere I look–all seems hopeless, traffic “enforcers” who would flag you down for no reason at all and even if you honestly say you don’t have enough bucks–you have to cough it out or else…; taxi drivers who would do anything to speed up the meter and not speed up your travel time to your destination. These are just a few, there are lots out there.

For me, who was very idealistic and a big believer that every Filipino can! I say, for my kids and my wife, I will venture to find a better country which would offer something due to its citizen.


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