Gamers, Wii have a problem.

At first, I thought the article on INQ7 was funny, well it is at first. It was about Nintendo’s new Wii. The article was about the hazards of gaming using Wii.

Wii is innovative as it allows gamers to use body movements to stimulate movement in the game (well using a wireless remote) unlike just sitting on the console and pressing buttons (as to Gameboy and Sony’s Playstation).

One user was playing bowling on Wii then the sound became so real—crack! She didn’t hit the strike it was kind of surreal, actually. I thought I was dreaming at first,” she said—she actually hit the screen of her 37” TV as the wireless remote snapped.
Wii have a problem, I need helpApparently this wasn’t a problem of one, Wii fans have set up a site to discuss the problem. Nintendo has since, well subtly, given out a safety precaution in using Wii. So, as for me, I’ll just stick, well for now, to pressing CTRL, ALT, arrow up, down, right, left as I play my RTS Company of Heroes!


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