I never noticed it but I think it came out naturally because of so many things. I was egosurfing! Just testing what’s been happening to me online. I believe, this episode happened to me a few months ago.

Haven’t you noticed 5 posts in one day!! (this would be the sixth if i press it! actually there’s also post no. 29 which i intend to post till Christmas eve)

Well, I’m obviously in a stressful day–a minor problem at home is hovering over my head. Ei! mind you, I still managed to go through two meetings, encode data (for a survey I conducted in three countries) and do my usual stuff in compliance with my TOR (terms of reference).

The minor problem?? well, not sure if i’m going to blog about it. But I might do for your learning enjoyment (thanks to the few people visiting this site, especially to a regular visitor in New York–not sure if you’re a person or a bot of google!). Talking about this, site, it’s been a few months and I’m amazed of how much it’s worth!! Well, a few months and a hundred blogs more, I could reach the 6 figure mark (hopefully!).

I’m a bit lazy now to show you who’s got a 6 figure blog but if you would like to know how much your blog’s worth just click on the link on the right below my various widgets! As for now, I’m trying to relax, unwind in the joy of blogging. (‘di naman obvious na blogbastic na nga ako no?! blog addict!).


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