US cancels military exercises with RP over rape case –

US cancels military exercises with RP over rape case –

Wow, I could certainly see what follows next.

The government pointing an accusing finger to Judge Pozon, “we told you so!” Supporters of Smith would definitely blame people for this development, well they might be close to blaming Nicole “well, it’s your fault you were raped!” Then in the end while the US might win this custody case, they might eventually have Smith go scott free for doing a crime as a US military.

This development is certainly saddening for the Philippines as it seem that any unfavourable development in sovereign Philippines would be met with harsh action. If the government, which they are already doing, move to please and lick ass the US then they only show that it is a beggar to the US.

There is an agreement, which is full of grey areas. As to what each section means, while some written in plain English, depends on who’s reading it or on the outcome of a deliberation–whether be it on the court or on the floor of the senate.

Many Filipinos are dreaming of their country becoming great, but most of them are still dreaming after four or five decades. Deep rooted corruption has certainly made sure that the poor population increases and the rich people become richer. This poverty has also been seen in most of the Philippine government institutions, including the military (although, they are pretty getting much higher now with Arroyo on the helm–feed the people who keeps you in power!).

The Philippine Military should not be begging for the US for this exercises, well they (US) need it more than we do. They would definitely learn much from the underfunded but qualified Philippine soldiers (battle tested with the various kinds of terrorist and separatist though not too good in ending battles like their US counterpart). I mean, who needs the exercise when the Philippines can do it with its neighboring countries. With regard to skills, the Philippine military has all the skills it has already what it needs is upgrading, aid, which the US gave to more well-off Thailand (well, it was suspended when the coup ‘de etat broke).

The US kept on insisting that, according to the article, a provision in the agreement says any accused American serviceman shall remain in US custody until all judicial proceedings are exhausted. Yes, they are right it is in the agreement.

As to the cancellation of the exercise, there’s no provision in the VFA that it could be cancelled unilaterally (I might miss on this as I’m not a lawyer) but hey this is plain and simple bullying.


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