Christmas 2006

This is probably one of the best Christmases that my family ever had. First, our Christmas eve was a blast.

Our traditional noche buena or the Philippine tradition of celebrating the arrival of Christmas eve over sumptous dinner (well, simple would do) was merrier with family friends–it was our first time to have guests on this family Christmas tradition.

The kids enjoyed the night playing with their classmates and playmates while we had a nice fellowship with our friends.

Christmas Day

The plan was just to spend Christmas at the mall but as we stayed almost early morning for our noche buena, we were a bit behind schedule. Nevertheless, we were able to have a quick breakfast, clean the house and went to the mall so the kids could enjoy.

After a quick lunch at MBK, we were off to Siam Discovery and started our mall hopping! However, Dei and Nira had to dose off (they hadn’t had enough!) at Starbucks. So Nique, Nel and I ended up doing our mall routine of browsing books at Asian Bookstore (counterpart of Powerbooks in the Philippines).

When Nira and Dei woke up we raced to have our photos taken in Siam Paragon then to Central World at the largest Christmas Tree in Southeast Asia (well, so they say). The whole day was fine and the night was cool.

While the rest of Bangkok celebrated a Christian tradition, that some of them hardly know the reason–I am proud that my kids knew why we celebrate Christmas–Merry Christmas Tata! Merry Christmas Nana! Happy birthday Jesus!


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