Happy New Year

Philippine Soldiers with their muzzled guns  (Photo source: Inquirer.net photo by AFP/Joel Nito)

Every year, Philippine soldiers and police (well, those who are in the major cities) have their guns muzzled with masking tape. Their superiors then sign the masking tape to ensure that it would not be tampered. The reason for this is to ensure that they won’t be firing their guns this new year. 

People with guns in the Philippines would like to welcome the new year with a big bang thus indiscriminate firing, while authorities and some people would say isolated, happens. I remember celebrating new years as a married man in Manila I have to carry my baby with me or at least keep her mobile so as to avoid any stray bullets that might be falling on our house.

I remember a neighbor in Laguna, Philippines was literally an inch away from a stray bullet. He found a stray bullet in front of him. He looked up and found the entry hole of the bullet. They never got to know who fired the gun–if only they all come with signatures (they do but where would you start looking??). I also remember some grim memories of sleeping babies just bleeding in their beds because of a stray bullet.

At least here in Thailand, I’m not worried of any stray bullets coming from nowhere as celebrations here are more a bit more restrained. 😀

Happy New Year!! (2007AD;2550BE)


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