Starting the year right

I definitely started on the wrong foot this year. Aside from the unfortunate incidences here in Thailand, my first entry was about the Subic Rape Case! It just so happen that I usually write blog articles late night and when I was able to press it! for my last article for the year, it’s almost past midnight. Anyway, enough with being defensive.

Well, I want to put things to order and start this year the way I should have started it–properly acknowledging the past, drawing strength and lessons from it (well briefly, of course!) and assess what the future might look for me (or us!).

The year that was

Novice Blogger. 2006 is the year that I started blogging. I first blogged over Friendster on March 23, 2006. My first blogsite was simply entitled Point of View: See the bright side of everything… blame yourself if you see it grim. I’m a bit into rhymes and wanted to apply such principle in life. However, when I got the groove on blogging, I discovered WordPress through my friend Lynette. I migrated and found blogging here safer and more enjoyable (nice themes among others) since August 20 2006. I’m still into rhyming and my first blog affirmed what would be a mildly controlled habit now.

As a Netizen, I was ranked as the second most important Jim Caro by Google. 😀 (egosurfing!!) I also ranked as the fourth, well my my professional website, i.e., and the fifth is this blogsite (followed by my family’s blog)!–Vane! Well, I’m just an ordinary Filipino expat trying to contribute to development in this side of the world.

Professionally. I reached my first year as a full time consultant for an international organization. I’m enjoying work and some colleagues who are contributing to the challenges of work and intellectually charging me up. I had a chance to serve the Philippines in the conduct of a knowledge, attitudes and practices survey of farmers regarding bird flu. There were also some upsets during the fulfillment of my terms of reference but I got to sort it out with the help of our local counterparts in the Region–too vague but just to let you know it’s not always Yeheey!

Personal. My daughter went to school this year. I got accepted as a scholar in a Uni down under and paid our health insurance for that purpose. My wife and I started to venture on buying and selling dry goods–we’re still trying to learn the business. While there were some rush to the hospital majority are not serious.


Blogging. I do hope that this year would be a better one for me. I’m looking forward to better blog entries and praying for guidance on a move later this year as I start Uni. My blogging objective is somewhat very general but a friend suggested that I write about my travels–I’m not too good at feature writing but I’ll see if it would drive me to write more. My wife and I are also looking forward for better articles on our family blogsite!

Professionally. I’m officially ending my stint as a consultant mid this year. But God willing, I would be able to receive some racket even as a student.

Personal. Believe it or not, this is the first time that my wife and I spent devotional time together! I believe this is God’s way of making us closer and the relationship stronger–we’re nearing our 6th year! My kids might skip school this year but we’re looking forward to a good stay Down Under!

This is the gist of the year that was and what I expect this 2007. Hope you made your plans ahead!


3 thoughts on “Starting the year right

  1. I started blogging officially on August 29, 2006… It was fun at the beginning, but lately… it feels like a chore. Anyway, I mostly use my blog for my private stuff – sort of like a content management system for my brain and projects.

    Sometimes, I’d rather be living life than writing about it.

  2. Thanks fruityoaty. Sometimes I felt that way about blogging but my motivation is the satisfaction that you could to go back in time and see what I was then (what I’ve been thinking, also for my reference–I mean a friend of mine would not know about the bombings here in Thailand had I not blogged about it). I want to seize the time that I still have this opinion about things. I remember when I was a child, I drew a very good pencil sketch of a tiger–I was really proud of it–too bad, no Internet yet then, wasn’t able to blog about it. It was gone forever–what I have is a faint memory of a very good tiger sketch that I made and my once good drawing hands.

    I do agree that life is better lived than written about but ei! we’re making history here. Cheers!

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