Web Blog Awards

Blog Herald Editor Abraham Olandres recently announced of an upcoming Weblog Awards. Now it made me think, now that’s a nice driving force for the growing number of bloggers around the world. I thought this would, somehow, promote better blogs on the blogosphere.

However, before I got news of Abe’s announcement, I also got to know about another weblog award. The Weblog Awards, which claims to be the largest blog competition, happens to include Pinoystupid as one of its top 10 Best Asian Blog. As the title implies it’s about stupidities of Pinoys. The Critic is presumably a Filipino/Filipina vent on denouncing Filipino as the stupidest human beings in the whole world.

He/she really knows his/her turf as he/she is a bit tech savvy in terms of identifying exactly detractors. Apparently, he/she wants to encourage Filipinos to think about the negative things that’s defining the race but as to what he want them to do about it—I’m not sure if he’s got the right motive. He/she claims that he/she wants Filipinos (apparently, if he/she IS a Filipino has already done this) to think about the negativity that uniquely defines Filipinos but apparently he’s referring to most people without access or even saw a computer. Anyway, I won’t elaborate on this as I know that Pinoystupid is an eloquent thinker and writer while he has some points majority and his/her main objective is way below the belt (and to single out Filipinos???). Ultimately I’m ambivalent about this blog.

His/her objective, as he/she claims, is to provoke the Filipino people into what?? I think intriguing people—to get good traffic—nice strategy to insinuate hate, anger. But I agree that there are things that Filipinos need to think about in order for the country to regain its glory.

Now with the weblog awards, (sorry got a bit sidetracked there) I say, there are really many weblog awards around but as to which one’s the most prestigious it’s still one’s choice. The weblog awards of Abe is about 6 years old while the weblog awards where Pinoystupid ranked as one of Asia’s best is about 3 but it boast of being unique than the former.

Now it’s up to you to vote the best at the forum of your choice. Vote at the bloggies until January 10, 2007 (apparently there’s an editorial glitch, it read 2005) or vote for the 2007 Weblog Awards from September to October 2007.


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