Increasing traffic

This is definitely the traffic that you will definitely welcome. It’s neither your infamous EDSA nor Bangkok traffic but blog traffic. Blog traffic is a statistic of your site which means that you are certainly being read or your site is making hits.

Keeping an audience awed even on the blogosphere is quite a daunting task sometimes, but if you have an aim in your blogging and you are focused on what you do (for the joy of it!)–high or low blog traffic–it’s still happy days! However, on second thought, seeing your stats moving up or reaching 3 figures on daily average gives you a satisfying feeling–especially when you see your clustermap starts to get painted red all over!

YugaTech! advised that one strategy to increase traffic is to run a contest. With a little capital, voila! you’ll get the needed traffic you need–well that’s if you’re an average blogger already. What if you’re novice? My online friend fruityoaty suggested link exchanges as a starter for increasing blog traffic.

With the increased blog traffic, comes the increased responsibility on the part of the blogger. I mean as you get more hits and increasing number of fans, you bear the responsibility of coming out with good, if not better (well, generally quality ones!), entries.

As Peter Parker’s father uncle (thanks to joey for correcting this) advised him (what’s his name again?? I mean the father uncle of Spiderman!) “with great power, comes great responsibility.” My friend Lynette gave some good points as to how one could improve his/her writing. For budding writers, blogging could be a good venue to exercise albeit very public! (well, you’ll be amazed as you look back at some of your articles–OMG!! did I write that!!!). Print and be damned! as CNNs lady news anchor said (I remember the face–forgot the name again!! that’s what you get when you don’t have cable at home!)–not that I’m discouraging you to publicize your thoughts but it’s a good challenge–responsibility comes forward as a main guiding factor in writing.

Anyway, my point–to increase traffic, be a responsible skilled blogger, who hones up his/her skills through reading, reading, reading quality (which would still be relative–so be critical!) literatures (and writing more frequently). Aiming for high quality (well, one could settle for good) blogs is a must as we are making history, a revolution of some sort. As Inquirer.Net‘s Joey Alarilla pointed out “the revolution will not be televised, but blogged.”

So bloggers, be responsible, spread the word. We are making history!


6 thoughts on “Increasing traffic

  1. hey jim, that’s peter parker’s uncle ben, not father 🙂 yup, i’m a huge spider-man fan heh, and spidey was very much a part of my childhood.

    in fact, you could say i’ve tried to live up to the idea that “with great power comes great responsibility” ever since i first read that when i was a kid 🙂 mahirap lang talaga hehe but it’s something we can aspire to in our everyday life.

    thanks for citing my column piece.


  2. ei joey! thanks for correcting that–I was sure I’m missing some facts on that! thanks for visiting my site, too! Thanks to wordpress friend surfer i get to see what you’ve been busy (not that I’m stalking!! but you’ve got interesting entries!–as with my other blogroll buddies)


  3. no prob jim, you’re welcome 🙂 thanks too.


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  5. I believe blogging, like anything else, will be weeded based on quality. For example, the Beanery Writers Group is unique in that it hosts a blog, It is one of 62 writing blogs at I visited the other active sites to find most had lousy writing, that they were simply venting sites. Our site promotes quality writing from members and visitors regardless of the genre. We are the only writing blog in the top ten most popular sites, and held third place overall. Last week we took over first place and are leaving out competitors in the so-called dust. Our average number of hits raised from 60 a day last fall to 96.6 in January and is at a high of 125 hits daily so far in February. It’s time to actively pursue publicity to increase traffic. As leader of the group, I hope to reach 200 hits a day by April 1. Wish us luck in reaching our goal, and help us out by visiting to read stories about cats/dogs, a holocaust survivor, baseball, New England, a bad writing contest entry and a ten-part romance story. Read submissions by group members, blog visitors, children and even a cockroach!

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