Mt. Maquiling view from the side of Batangas Province. Originally uploaded by jimboombastic.

“Hinahanap kita, o diwatang Maquiling, Maquiling” (I’ve been looking for you fairy Maquiling, Maquiling) so goes the first line of the song by Kalantog. The song kept playing on my mind as I become nostalgic past the majestic mountain. I have so many fond memories about Mt. Maquiling. It is the big (forestry) laboratory of my Uni and where part of the Uni is located, it is also where my dormitory is located, it is where I experienced numerous roller coaster ride (spiritually!). It was the venue of the annual concerts of the dorm’s band (where I tried to play as lead singer and bassist–used to dream to be the Ely Buendia of our dorm open house!). It is also where I met the woman I married. 🙂

Some trivia, by the way, I tried to join Kalantog as bassist but ended up joining their theater group–if you can’t join ’em, join their affiliate group! hahah! 🙂

Anyway, I was home on official visit last week, so nothing much happened as I was holed up at the training venue almost for three days. I trained a few veterinarians–they were equipping themselves on preparing for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (bird flu, avian flu–well the bird disease that kills people). I was able to meet up with my Pastor, Carlo Panlilio, and some brethren at DMI–and I think that equipped (read: inspired) me to endure the two-day training

I was able to visit my relatives, albeit short, courtesy of my friends back at the office. I was with my my parents and relatives in San Pablo City for about two hours, one hour with my father-in-law and about another hour with a friend in Lipa City. The schedule was definitely tight but I said that I (with my family) will definitely be back in April to catch up, with quality, with more relatives and friends. And yes, I was able to do my shopping at SM Lipa City but I forgot to buy TJ Hotdogs!


One thought on “Maquiling

  1. hey jim, thanks for visiting 🙂 yup, after all these years, eheads pa rin! sila pa rin ang pinaka-cool hehe.


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