Six years and going strong!

The year has made a complete cycle. It was also Tuesday and I vividly remember it well.

Our wedding coordinator, my sister, left for Japan and she could not endorse the task to anybody. It was a disaster. So, on my wedding day, I was outside the house of my bride waiting. I was anxiously waiting if she’s OK. This was a no-no in a Filipino wedding–the bride and groom should only see each other on the wedding march. The problem–the beautician has yet to come!!! So, I quickly went home and asked an aunt to fill in for the make up artist.

We chose an early morning wedding as a fitting welcome to the new chapter in our life (we were also hoping that it’s more cheaper to get wed on a morning!)

7.00am I was all set at the San Pablo Cathedral. 7.15am–where’s the bride!! 7.35am–the wedding ceremony should have started 5 minutes ago!! By this time, the priest was going berserk and shouting invectives about the tardiness “of YOU PEOPLE!” I don’t know what to do and was wondering what happened. I called them on the mobile phone, they said that they were late because of the beautician came anyway and the photographer had to do his duty of taking her photos–they were oblivious of the time.

Believe it or not! The wedding ceremony started without the bride. I marched to the aisle–ALONE!! (can you remember the song from Shrek–I’m all alone and no one beside me, but you got to have faith!). The priest just went on with his duty and was determined to wed me even if I’m alone. One colleague was already crying out of pity on me.

Alas! like in the movies, my bride came, I think about 8am, running towards the altar. I was glad she made it just 2 minutes before the actual wedding ceremony. And we were married.

Kahit ano'ng mangyari, tayo pa rin!

After six years and three kids, this funny episode–and I think one of a kind experience–is a memory (consider it bad or good) that we just laugh about now. I’m thankful that the wedding went smooth after that. My friend, Kitchie, sang songs for us while Kenneth hosted the event.

Six years going on seven. We promised ourselves that we are getting married again by the time we reach 10. Right now, all I have is outpouring gratitude for having my best friend for my wife, an E-heads fans also, loving mother of my kids and my number one doctor–and she’s a forester, too! What more could I get?

Given the chance to repeat it all over again, I will love and marry her again… even if the circle of life completes its cycle.


5 thoughts on “Six years and going strong!

  1. As I finished reading this blog, I gave a phone call to my husband to tell him how much I appreciated this, how much he touches my heart (actually, tears are pouring out, heheheh) and to tell him again how much I love him although before he left the house for office I already whispered to his ears how much I love him.

    Those days are really unforgettable( started the wedding ceremonies without the bride), it’s really nice to look back again and again. It’s crazy but at least we have something unique (o ‘di ba kami lang ang meron niyan!?) and something to laugh about.

    Nway, we can repeat the ceremonies after 4 years (10th year anniv.), it is more elegant than before because we now have three cutie flowers girls marching the aisle…

    I’m so happy and thankful to have you as my partner in this journey. You and our kids are my life next to God…

    As we start our 7th year, I pray that we continue to walk together towards the Lord (everything will follow). And grow old with all of you guys (You, Nique, Nira and Nel).

  2. Thanks Nanay, LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

  3. Wow, that’s a dramatic arrival by your lovely wife! Well, at least you have a very interesting story to tell the grand-kids! LOL.

    Happy Anniversary! May you have many more beautiful, happy years together.

    And oh yes, thanks for the happy birthday greeting. What a coincidence, this day!

  4. Whew! That was close… Pang-telenobela. 🙂

  5. mismo Joe 🙂 salamat sa pagbisita.

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