The Babel Machine, Cyberbaguioboy and others writes on Eheads

When I was in Manila, I tried to salvage my collection of Eraserheads albums. Well, I know I will not get my old tapes so I just aimed to buy the Eraserheads anthology for me and my wife–which I did. As you all (well, Filipino fans of the Eheads) know, the band’s lead singer, Ely Buendia, recently suffered a heart attack. The news brought me to memory lane and made me promise to collect the complete album, but I think I won’t be able to find Ely’s Bedspacer album.

Anyway, a day after I left Manila, I learned from Joey that some people were organizing a fund raising concert for Ely–fine, I definitely missed that. As I’ve learned, Ely was not informed re the fund raising concert but Ely was grateful nevertheless. So, while I missed the concert–I was in Libis (where the concert was held), Tuesday of that week!–glad to hear things are fine with him now and that the concert was a success. 

I later learned also from Joey and cyberbaguioboy an Eheads Anthology book was on the way (and they are one of the contributors)! Oh swell, mukha mami-miss ko din to ah! Hopefully, I can still catch a copy of the book when I return this April, better yet, Joey or cyberbaguioboy could reserve one for me. 😀 (pushing my luck!)



2 thoughts on “The Babel Machine, Cyberbaguioboy and others writes on Eheads

  1. Oh, I’ve never heard of the Eraserheads, but then again… it’s not as if I know much about past/current events and culture in the Philippines since I have spent most of my childhood (and life) in Canada.

    But my Filipino pride definitely kicks in 100%, every time I hear a Filipino makes it big in this world. 🙂

  2. Well, fruityoaty, you should hear some of their music to find out how they fare. It’s a pity that they never broke even at the regional scene because of their break-up. But I love them, anyway. 🙂

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