Man bites dog, dog bites back–who wins?

I remember back in my college days when my former professor and mentor, Dr. Crispin Maslog, pointed to an example of a human interest story. “One possible human interest story is when a man bites dog, it is out of the ordinary,” well, this is how close I could remember his lecture. I thought that it was just an example to prove a point of human interest for newspapers. I mean dog biting a man is almost ordinary in the Philippines, which still has to eradicate rabies–stats might matter but not one case of dog biting man.

When I was a correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, our bureau chief told us that the Paper usually goes for human interest stories (even heard one colleague saying–is it because the editor-in-chief was a woman???–I just gave that colleague a blank stare)–something odd, not ordinary–whether it’s politics, crime, feature or sports. But of course, not all of my articles were focused on human interest–they were news, current events (I tried!).

Anyway, never did I imagine that I would come across the story of man bites dog–years after hearing about it as a possible example. The headline spilled the gist of the story but how it started was really funny–man bites dog, dog bites back. Well, at least for this one it had a twist a and yes the dog won. 🙂


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