Made it on the Top 10

I’m a young blogger as a matter of fact my first official blog was over Friendster on March 23, 2006. Everything was a challenge then, what’s blogging–I didn’t do my assignment and say I just learned along the way. So, when Lynette introduced me to wordpress, I finally appreciated blogging (especially problogging), CSS, tag clouds and the stats better!

The wonders of stat has sinked in to me only a few months after I got the grip of blogging (and moving to wordpress)–thanks to blogmates Lynette, Jonas, Yuga, Joey, Massa P., Prof. Arao among others (well, just see my widget at the right :)).

I usually write in English so I set my language to English. However, I found it pretty hard competing with native speakers and professional bloggers on wordpress. So, I was wondering how to increase the exposure (read: traffic) of my blog. Remember Massa P. suggested link exchanges while Yuga suggested that a contest might do the trick. I even joined Pinoy Top Blogs to test the waters.

A few months, posts and comments on popular blogs on wordpress and other blog hosts I’m finally getting there. The other day, I hardly noticed the news on my dashboard-well I hardly check–when my eyes caught a familiar icon. I made it on the wordpress’ day’s top hot blogs! My post re radio made it to the day’s hot posts, too including my post re my home coming. Here’s how the list looked like:

Top Blogs

The most popular blogs are ranked here according to a special formula.


  1. They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

    : Maruja ang Itawag mo sa Akin: Isang Makulay na Buhay sa…Ano ba ang “Random” sa Tagalog?

  2. i-am-not-your-average-geek.

    : comfort found being under an oversized jacket.

  3. kuro-kuro-ko-to

    : ang mga kapepotan ng aking isipan


    : born with an insight and a raised fist

  5. Kalabuan at its clearest.

    : Ang nansu-small talk, bagong lipat!

  6. zomgwtfhpjhasablogzergrushj0000!

    : yeY! Pj has a weblog!

  7. Blogbastic!: Jim’s hues and point of views

  8. We are Family

    : Daddy, Mommy and Baby

  9. Portfolio sa Filipino

    : Just another weblog

  10. A Sham Life of Mhee

    : buhay ng isang dukha at feeling middle class

Top Posts

These are the most popular posts published recently on


  1. Random Hot Men: Manhunt International Sizzlers

    : Si Mr. USA na lang at kumpleto na ang line-up ng this year’s Manhunt International na gaganapin sa South Korea on […]

    They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

  2. manood kayo. mamaya na iyan.

    :”DR. NURSE” I-Witness ni Sandra Aguinaldo Ngayong Lunes: Pebrero 12, 2007 Sa taong 2020, mangangailangan ang […]


  3. Heroes Episode 14: Distractions

    : currently listening to: Rolling Star- Yui  In this episode, Claire gets to meet Meredith, her biological mother, […]


  4. G0 o9!

    : One night, i received a text from Mr. Luigi Manzo. The exact words aren’t correct, but if i’m right, they were along […]


  5. Sa computer 49

    : Mga kapwa ko Atenista, mag-ingat sa pag-iwan ng mga gamit niyo kahit sa loob ng guwardiyadong kuwarto. Noong Sabado, […]

    Kalabuan at its clearest.

  6. Bato-bato sa langit, ang matamaan ‘wag magalit….isang koleksyon ng ilan-ilan mga call center bloopers

    : Galing ito sa isang friend ko na taga-MySpace.  Dati siya nakatrabaho sa call center rito pero napagasawa siya ng […]

    Pasensya ng lang muna habang humahanap pa ako ng pamagat para ‘tong blog….

  7. tungkol sa UP fair 2007

    : magandang balita!  maganda nga ba? depende, kung me NSTP kayo kinabukasan gaya ko. hehe. tama ba na ang up fair […]


  8. Maquiling: Mt. Maquiling view from the side of Batangas Province. Originally uploaded b


  9. Breastfeeding Experience : Day 1 to 3 months

    : We’ve been breastfeeding for 10 and half months now. Just a little bit more and we’ll hit our 1 year target and from […]

    We are Family

  10. sino si efren?!

    : natutuwa ba kayo pag habang nasa kalagitnaan kayo ng tulog galing sa 10pm to 6am shift yung tipong bumabawi yung […]



8 thoughts on “Made it on the Top 10

  1. Thanks empressmaruja 🙂 thank you also for visiting my site–honored to be visited by top rank!


  2. Hey Jim, congratulations on your ranking. Very cool! Your blog is going places — up!

    I too also placed on another list called Top 100 sites using Snap Preview Anywhere (out of 29, 000+ sites eligible). I recently wrote about it here. To return the favour for plugging my blog address, I’ve also plugged yours in that latest entry.

    Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations, too Massa P!

    Honored to link-up and mention your site. Thanks for visiting!


  4. wow pang apat ako.. congrats sating lahat!

  5. Hi joncabron!

    Mismo! Paiba-iba rin pero at least ‘di nawawala sa top 5!


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