RP TV goes after Youtube

Just learned from Yuga that Philippine Media Giant, ABS-CBN, asked Youtube to remove their clips for copyright infringement. Here’s an excerpt of his blog.

Ok, it’s basically just ABS CBN actually. It’s been widely covered by other fellow bloggers since December last year. Rickey just sent me an update on that as well.

I guess the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricksalso applies to media giants like ABS CBN. No wonder they’re not doing good in the ratings war and fiscally as well. YouTube is great for marketing and if you don’t believe in the long tail effect, you’re missing a lot of opportunities. I know the network needs to earn some more dough (to be able to pay its huge debts?) so locking off everyone and requiring them to subscribe to be able to view the episodes seems to be a logical maneuver to do.

The Network invoked the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998in forcing Youtube to block users uploading ABS-CBN Materials. Most bloggers who learned about this news are just shaking their heads on this aggressive move of ABS-CBN–seen as a way to monopolize profit on every front of every industry available one of the leading media industry in the Philippines, they are very creative in converging various industries under one roof, short of putting up a political party (their on print, managing talents, movies, records, news and yes even a youtube wannabe this list could go a long way I tell you).

This would be the second time that I would be hearing youtube being asked by a third party to help in blocking copyright materials. The first one was in Brazil

If you see objectively on this case, copyright was indeed infringed. While there’s a worldwide campaign to address piracy–in all fronts, whether online or print among others, most of the producers are coming out with ways to creatively tackle copyright infringement.

The US National Hockey League, for example, made a deal with youtube to allow its clips to appear on youtube. The CBS apparently got a boost in its ratingsafter partnering with youtube.

I agree with Yuga that ABS-CBN should have approached this in a different way. I hope it would not be detrimental to them in the long run, well they still have hordes of other racket to maintain so I think they are not worried about the possible repercussions.


7 thoughts on “RP TV goes after Youtube

  1. Thanks ivan! You have a cool site!


  2. I hope it will be detrimental to them in the long run. Such stupidity deserves nothing less.

  3. Why can’t ABS do something like ABC where you can watch its programs FOR FREE (not subscribed like their trying-hard Youtube site)?

  4. Mike: I believe that that’s the way this action will definitely lead (whether they admit it or not)–thanks for visiting!

    empress maruja: The thing is they only have this TAKE ONLY (MONEY, MONEY, MONEY) mindset, unlike businesses here in Thailand where customers are pampered yet business is booming–with profit! thanks for visiting again!

  5. expect the ratings of kapamilya shows to drop more…..nice

  6. I think it will… thanks defect for visiting.


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