Of news media and blogs

There has been a growth in news media using blogs as another medium of delivering news or newspaper blogging–allowing its pool of reporters or editors to post their views on any news in real time albeit filtered (in compliance with the company’s policies among others). Last year, a journalism class from the New York University Department of Journalism noted that there’s been a slow adoption of newspaper sites of blogs.

So, what’s with newspaper blogging? Well newspaper blogging, according to the NYU, can make a difference especially for a small newspaper. For big news media outfit it serves its hordes of followers as it gives readers added value services, which they would hardly get on the regular program or the traditional form of that medium.

Among the few media outfits that’s now into blogging are Newsweek, BBC, Time, CNN among others. Actually, Newsweek‘s presentation is more of a blog right now, readers or surfers could comment on every article and actually blog about it from the Newsweek site! (well, if they have a MySpace account). BBC combines a podcast and blog so it’s really a multimedia approach to blogging. Time seems to have hosted their own blogging software (forgive my lapses on tech stuff), you have the option to add your choice blog post to Sphere it!newsvine, facebook, Digg, del.icio.us or redditCNNs blog presents majority of its program presentors and it also tries to engage its readers and viewers to join in the submitting fresh stories, photos, videos and more (contributors have a chance to be seen worldwide–no royalty or fees whatsoever).

Now blogging about news is also becoming tech savvy these days. Pressdisplay, for one, allows guests (limited access, usually first page articles only) or account holders to blog about a certain article on any newspaper around the world–yes with the replica of the paper’s front page. I posted this blog from their site.

Here in Thailand, The Nation has a list of blog written by its pool of writers and editors. The Bangkok Post still has to catch up though. I’m not sure how many Thai journalists are maintaining a blogsites.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Daily Inquirer Inquirer.net  recently had a soft launch of its blogsite with Joey Alarilla trying the waters. So here’s one media outfit trying to test the untried waters of newspaper blogging in the Philippine scene. One Philippine Media institution which first tried blogging was the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, which has its own institutional blog. Its pool of writers also blog personally along with other journalists all over the country.

What I like in the move of the Inquirer.net is they are going the BBC way with their approach to media convergence. Readers will notice that they are trying to integrate video, podcast among others. As Erwin Oliva, another PDI Inquirer.net reporter, blogged, readers want to interact with the news–reason I think that there’s a declining popularity of radio in the Philippines.

So, I think newspaper blogging is paving the way to the wide acceptance of new media in the Philippines.


2 thoughts on “Of news media and blogs

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  2. Thanks to Joey for correcting the facts about Inquirer.net. More power!


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