I’m on Blog Addicts!

My first blog confirmed a new-found passion (well, addiction with a purpose, i.e.–keep me sane in my mind-cracking activities). After a few months of blogging, with the last four months almost regularly, I’m starting to get the feel of it and starting to get friends online–and yes started to get some exposure–vane :)! I’ll get on the purpose of this post as you read on, by the way, title was inspired by Cyberbaguioboy’s entry.

To business, as of this writing, my hottest post (most read post) is my post on Inquirer.net’s Radio Online. Most people got to find my blog when they searched Filipino radioInquirer.net Radio, Radio online among others. It got me thinking, hmm, Inquirer.net has got a few good hits from this site. Well, I think that was compensated recently. Well, my plug of recent developments in the Philippine Media especially Inquirer.net got reciprocated–I’m on Blog Addicts! The post also got some attention from cybersoc.com as having some good links in here worth exploring.

Yes, this is the second blogsite of Inquirerbloggers.net–after Joey Alarilla’s @play (I think they’ll be building this site just like Inq7.net, i.e., take-off sites for blogsites of Inquirer.net).

Inquirer.net reporter Erwin Oliva explains that Blog Addicts is a team blog on Inquirer.net. He further explained that…

Blog Addicts is a section under YOU (a youth portal on INQUIRER.net) that features bloggers.

The Inquirer.net‘s blog addicts are Joey AlarillaJayvee Fernandez and Erwin.

Thanks to Joey for adding me in his blogroll at @play–indeed an honor!

More power to Inquirer.net and to the millions of Netizens, enjoy reading (didn’t I tell you that readers will benefit in the end from this new media development)!



7 thoughts on “I’m on Blog Addicts!

  1. no prob, you’re welcome jim 🙂 mabuhay ang mga addicts hehe


  2. Thanks Jim. As I said, let’s keep the conversation going;-)

  3. Pingback: (UPDATE) I’m a [on] Blog Addict[s] at Cyberbaguioboy

  4. Blog addicts, LOL. So is there an intervention and 12-step program to cure oneself of “blog addiction”? Hehehe.

    “Hi, I’m Jim and I’m a blog addict.” (Group replies, “Hey Jim!” and proceeds to hug Jim. One of the members looks suspiciously like that crazed lunatic “fruityoaty” but she’s only there because there’s free drinks, chips and dips. Next door in Room 101 is the Shoe Fetish Support Group. Imelda Marcos is present.)

    Blogging keeps me sane, definitely. I need to spill all those thought somewhere. (But I also need to keep it in check – time for more important activities – like family, friends, God). Balance, my dear friend… is the key to sanity in life.) LOL.

    L8tr days.

  5. I think they’re still developing the program.. LOL!!!

    Thanks for the reminder. Balance… it’s at the back of my mind and yes it somehow translates into reality.


  6. buti pa yung blog mo. galing galing! saludo ako sa’yo!

  7. Thanks Jonell for dropping by.

    Man you’ve got a great blogsite. US$14,678.04!!! if only you could sell just like that, eh?! saludo din ako sa ‘yo!

    Inquirer.net just acknowledged my blog about their blogsite–not yet featured, who knows, you might be next! At 16, you have a long way to go and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll accomplish in one year~–as long as you persevere.


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