Tag Game

Surprise, surprise!

I’ve been tagged! 🙂 This is my first time to do this. In fact, I seldom forward emails as I’m lazy to continue chain letters, games but I think this is an exception–I think this is fun!

Courtesy of my online pal, Chuck (the famous Chuckie Dreyfus for my Filipino readers–astig ba?! 🙂 ), one is obliged to blog about 10 weird things/habits or little known facts about himself/herself. Then the blogger would return the favor and tag six other bloggers, who are asked to do the same. No tagbacks are allowed however, so here it goes: 

  1. Less than a year old, I was under the knife to remove a cyst at my gluteus maximus area (rightmost part though)–without any anaesthetic!   
  2. I first had worked as a garbage scavenger without my parents’ knowledge during my elementary days. When I failed to report at home for a day, they filed a police blotter and reported me missing! I was a rookie scavenger then that I only earned a measly PhP15.00 (compared to the regular PhP75-100) for a whole day’s work–and to think the hardship I experienced–I got stuck in a hole in the middle of this big garbage bridge on a river. 🙂
  3. I stumbled on a sharp stone during a pilgrimage to Mt. Banahaw. My knee was hurt so bad that it looked like slash wound (I was elementary then). A New People’s Army rendered first aid–I believe the man was Ka Roger if my memory serves me right.  
  4. I was dragged by a calf during a carambola (well, the objective was to lasso the calf), the rope burn was so bad that it looked like a sniper’s guide albeit very, very wide guide.
  5. I stopped schooling after my first year in college to serve full time in our church’s music ministry. 
  6. I was one of the first church attendees in our city to be under disciplinary action (well, close to being excommunicado)–bad boy! 
  7. I played Aladin in the theater play of Florante at Laura back in college. For those who knew me then, they would have laughed throughout the play as I’m as thin as Palito but younger of course. The play did well though. 🙂 
  8. My ex-girlfriend, now my wife, used to tease me as bumbay as I always bring a long umbrella whenever I go to class–the rain, man, the rain!! (oh yes, also the sun)
  9. Back in college, I used to drink coca cola during breakfast, lunch and dinner. 500ml each
  10. Now this is not much known since I was college or since I started blogging–my first name is Domingo. I’m the third Domingo but at home they call me Jimbo. 🙂 Elementary classmates call me by my first name. High school classmates call me by my last name (well, during the last two years). Close friends call me Dom’s but at home I’m known as Jimbo (given by my father) or Bo (as in bow and arrow) so, to settle that Inggo is my lolo (RIP), Jun is my father, I just introduced myself as Jim when I stepped college. So, I usually go for Jim Caro when I introduce myself.

Il est fini !

 Hope you enjoyed it?! Now, I tag (drumroll)… Massa P., Lynette, JoeyCzille, Nick and Ivy–take it away pals!


6 thoughts on “Tag Game

  1. I remember that. Aside from Marife, you’re the only other person I knew who always had an umbrella.

    As for the Coke 500 with every meal, I totally relate to that. I try to cut down nowadays, of course. The operative term here is “try”. Ha ha ha! 😀

  2. Tin, Mydz, Lhadiel and some other friends call you “Kuya Jim” pag kaharap ka but pag di ka na kaharap they call you “Bumbay”, hahaha…

    But whenever i see that “Bumbay”,naku kilig na kilig naman ako, hehehe

    Nway, Love you very much Tata (yan na ang bago kong tawag sa kanya!)

  3. Ah, you just beat me from tagging YOU! Because I was going to tag you for the same thing (I got tagged for that same twice now, but I still haven’t done written it yet). LOL.

  4. LOL on the umbrella! Did you also use a motorcycle to travel? Bwehehehe… 😛

  5. Hi Jonas! the umbrella was for protection–against the rain and possible criminals– 🙂 hiyaaaa! ei! about the coke, diabetes is real, might as well think about that.

    Thanks Nana. I knew it, you’re the peeping tom whenever I walk past your window. 🙂

    Hi Massa P. eheheh! I beat you! 🙂 I look forward to your post.. 🙂

    Ei Chuckster! actually the umbrella was discarded when I secured a scooter (Yamaha 110cc)–hahahah! 🙂

    Thanks folks!

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