Captain America (Steve Rogers), 1917–2007

Captain America (Source:

Captain America felled by sniper fire. Read details here.

I used to watch the cartoon series when I was in elementary, he would definitely be missed but Superman died in 1993–well he was resurrected. So, there would definitely be a resurrection for this superhero!

Thanks Captain America! (so are you going to beat the hell out of Iraqi insurgents or the man at the White House when you return???) 🙂


7 thoughts on “Captain America (Steve Rogers), 1917–2007

  1. It’s just ironic, even anticlimactic, how he died. Come to think of it… given the current situation of the States… its pretty darn clever.

  2. hi there. i only get a glimpse of captain america in my high school days when we used to cut our classes and play marvel super heroes versus game.

    i like black spiderman the most but after seeing this picture… i am having second thoughts about my liking. ^_^

    i hope we can also add each other’s blog in our blogroll or links. more power to the both of us

  3. Hi Alternati! Superman’s death might have been more extravagant than Captain America but I do agree that the timing is pretty clever! thanks for visiting. 🙂

    Hi foobarph! (your code reminds me of something… eheheh!) thanks for visiting. So, you have liked Venom heheh! have yet to watch the movie but I do look forward to it–been watching the series when it first appeared in the Philippines on Channel 7 then now the movie! awesome! Just added you in my blogroll, thanks for linking me up.

    thanks again alternati and foobarph.

  4. Speaking of Captain America…I hear Marvel’s pushing through with (yet another) big screen treatment for Mr. Red White ‘n’ Blue.

    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t suck eggs like Cannon’s version in the mid-late ’80s

  5. Captain America? Dead? Oh… I used to love watching the cartoon series too. At least he didn’t die in some weird way.

  6. ei! emperorbananaketchup! If the movie version is indeed true–I’m looking forward to that. I remember Cannon’s version in the mid-late ’80s–I watched the series on Channel 7 but I have to agree it sucks hopefully the movie will not.

    yo fruityoaty! he started as a human anyway, so a realistic death is logical–I wonder if they are also going to kill Batman??? hmmm….

    thanks fruityoaty and emperorbananaketchup! 🙂

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