Slow Down

Last night, I told my wife that this was one of the best weekend–I was really rested. It was an ironic statement given that my eldest daughter got sick early this week and just as she was recovering by the end of the week, the second one followed suit. My second daughter was quite healthy so she easily shrugged off the symptoms before it became a full-blown flu but then my youngest daughter started to show some symptoms. However, they all recovered by Sunday evening–thank God.

So, our usual routine of going to the mall was skipped for this week, which I welcomed as all of us had a good rest, except for my wife who got to do her regular weekend chores. This morning as I was reading the 11 March entry of Our Daily Bread the title aptly says what I should be doing regularly–slow down.

Sometimes we take task after tasks without thinking if we can do it or not–which is true for me most of the time (blame it on wrong judgement). It was bad a bit on a professional side as I do miss deadlines (while there are legit reasons for some other delays) but the fact remains that my hands are always full. My wife longs for the day that I come home and tell her that this task is finished for today or this week–but that seldom happens.

God . . . rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. —Genesis 2:2

If God rested, why shouldn’t we? We’re just humans anyway. 🙂 Take it easy..


7 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. So true! Actually, I’ve been thinking about applying that concept to blogging as well, hehe. No blogging on Sunday. Just family, rest, prayer and… eating. 😉

    Well, it’s good to hear that your children are fine now. My little 2-year old niece is sick right now… It’s always been hard for me to see children ill (I used to volunteer at a Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto when I was a teenager).

  2. thanks Massa P. It’s really hard to see children suffering. I remember my mother saying whenever I’m sick that she wished that she’s the one sick instead of me. I’m now saying the same words to myself when I see my children ill.

    Observing Sabbath day–that’s a good practice! One day for the Lord but I try to make Saturday a family day.


  3. i will be praying for the continuous good health of your child. ^^

  4. Have to agree with you. One of the biggest mistakes that we make in life is that we get caught in it. We really need to learn to take things slow, take a step back to smell the roses, sit down for a chat with a friend, or have a cup of coffee. And of course we all need to dwell in Him daily, because He gives us the strength to live each day and the joy that can last us a lifetime.

  5. Napapagod din ba ang Diyos?

  6. Hi Michael Josh, thanks for visiting. You put your point well on this issue, thanks for the comment!

    Hi Miko Dela Cruz! If you look closely to the word, it was originally meant ceased or stopped. So, it was not a rest per se or as if He was tired, but He rested because He was pleased with His work. So, categorically, if you are literally speaking, God doesn’t get tired. 🙂

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