Post-shoot out dramas

There might be no comparison between Australia and the Philippines in terms of crime rate. To do so, will be like comparing apples and oranges as the usual cliche goes. However, our police do receive some training from the Australian Federal Police but when I read a news article about a shooting incident between police and criminals, I guess I felt a little proud of the training our policemen get in real life.

In Australia…

A man was shot dead after he tried to shoot it out with Aussie policemen. A rookie policeman, just 40 minutes into his first night, and a veteran policeman shot it out with the gunman. The first report said that both officers received counseling.

In the Philippines…

Police shot dead a notorious gang leader in a “chance encounter.”

In both cases, the police officers have done what they ought to do–kill the bad guys–good point for Aussie and Pinoy cops. However, and I guess something that the Philippine National Police might want to consider, one got some counseling after the shooting while the other did not. Is the absence of counseling means the police officers are ‘used to it’ (given the crime rate in Manila???) or there’s just nobody to do it at the PNP or there’s no program at all?

I don’t know and I’m not sure if I made my point clear but I guess I am comparing apples and oranges. 😀 What do you think?



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