Engtech looking for guest bloggers

Engtech, one of the most popular tech bloggers on Wordpress if not the whole blogosphere, is looking for Guest Bloggers. He’s actually running a contest on it. So, if you’re one of who those who wants to have a decent spike in your stats, here’s your chance. Here’s an excerpt of his blog.

… I’ve only had one guest-blogged post so far and it did around 10,000 hits. This can be a great opportunity to reach a wider audience, and to help me out. Read more about why you should guestblog and how to be a good guestblogger at problogger.net.

Stats from the guestblogger post:

Guest blogger - Life in the Trenches stats

WordPress.com stats place //engtech at around 900 RSS subscribers and has between 6,000 and 9,000 page views a day. “It is a PR6 site (Technorati ranking: ~2,000) and usually does very well in search rankings, engtech further explains.

Subject matter should be able something I’d normally write about: how-tos, lifehacks, blogging, programming, development, geeky stuff… of course, I’m pretty much all over the place so it isn’t as limited as you might think.

Older posts are fine if you’re okay with having it republished here.

If you are interested then please contact me with a 3-5 sentence pitch for your post at this email address .

You will get

  • a byline/bio-paragraph at the top of the post and
  • a link to your blog at the beginning/ending of your post along with
  • any relevant links to other posts on your blog you include in the article.

The deadline was extended until the end of this month, so you still have a few days to write those posts! Who knows you could end up having a stat for the day of over 10,000 hits! Whooa!!!


One thought on “Engtech looking for guest bloggers

  1. Wow, 10,000 hits per day! I wish, hehe. I mean, that’s like every blogger’s dream… well, for the bloggers who want to monetize their blog.

    At some point, I suppose most bloggers want to monetize their blog, even if their goals are as modest as… just paying for the hosting fees (if you manage your own domain and hosting, that is.)

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