Mornings in Bangkok

If I’m lucky (or not too tired) I wake up early in the morning, go to the office and catch monks collecting offerings from Buddhist around Bangkok.

Novice monks march to a temple after collecting offerings in ThailandI got lucky this morning and caught one monk around our neighborhood carrying a pot for offerings. A lady rushed out of her house to greet the monk with her offering. She removes her slippers before approaching the monk. With heads bowed down, her hands joined together in prayer in front of her face, the lady prayed to the Monk.

She then offered her the offering walked backwards to retrieve her slippers and waited for the monk to go his way. It was an awesome sight.

On the way to the office, I got luckier and yes good thing I have my camera with me. I caught five to seven novice monks following an elder monk, they, too, have just completed collecting offerings around the district.

As you can see they don’t have any slippers on whenever they are doing this duty. They started early.

On an ordinary day, though, these monks have slippers on, rides the bus for free (with a dedicated seat reserved for them–so when you’re sitting on it, you are required to vacate it and give it to them regardless of your age or gender), rides the taxi (I think they pay when they ride luxurious mode of transport) and yes, they rest.


2 thoughts on “Mornings in Bangkok

  1. That’s a great photo… and actually, a great city to be in… for a photographer.

  2. Thanks Massa P. My camera is a bit limited (Sony H1) aside from the fact that it’s not my own (hopefully blogging or my work here will buy me a camera, soon!–eheheh!). I’m a frustrated photography enthusiast, I’m really at the right place but sometimes, I can’t make my camera cooperate! but i’m learning… 🙂

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