Thai Youtube blockade sparks video wars

Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology got its wish from Google and Youtube. Traces of the offensive video have been removed, however, the issue sparked a number of protest and triggered an onset of attack on the Thai monarchy online.

So, brace for a prolonged battle of videos online. But nobody’s retaliating against the offensive video, but how are they going to hit back? This is just like Thailand’s battle down south–they don’t know who the enemies are.


8 thoughts on “Thai Youtube blockade sparks video wars

  1. Funny how some people go that far just to get something taken out…err erased in youtube. of all the sites ;p

  2. I hear the video can still be viewed somewhere. Dunno if it’s true, or if it is, where.

    Sigh, of course that kind of reaction was expected.

  3. -Humans, some have gone to court actually. remember Brazil blocked Youtube because of a popular Brazilian model’s steamy (sex) video.

    -Shari, if this is true, then it is like unleashing Pandora’s box. Youtube user in Thailand might just have to view the site through website promoting anonymity.

    The video(s) comes at a critical time when they are trying to prosecute one of the most prominent politicians in Thailand on charges of Lèse majesté. Apparently, the government is cracking down on politically sensitive materials online.

  4. if you want people not to pay attention to something, the best way to do it is by ignoring the thing…

    in this age of information freedom, the thai monarchy just ended looking real bad…

  5. His Majesty the King did not put that idiotic old swiss drunkard in jail,the government did that. Thaksin Shinawatra censored websites and televisions more than this government.

  6. Hi cyberpunk, thanks for visiting. I might have to agree that had not the Thai government paid attention to this non-sense crap, it would not have escalated to this magnitude. I agree with Nong Mai that it is the Thai Government which imposed the censorship but the problem is that the insensitivity of the pranksters to attack the monarchy. While in this information age, the Thai Law on Lese Majeste should be revisited, the pranksters are definitely barking at the wrong tree as to who should be made accountable to freedom of expression in the country. Sawasdee Khrup Nong Mai, thanks for visiting.

  7. Kop khun naa ka(thanks),Khun Jim ^ ^ The swiss man is pardoned by HM The King now,I hope he won’t pollute the air in Chieng Mai again. I think even without the Lese Majeste law,the Thais will still be willing to kill anyone who disrespect the King.And the videos in youtube is really immature,I agree that the best thing to do is ignore all these primates.

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