& blocked in Thailand??? (UPDATE)

(I originally posted this at around 8.30pm, Bangkok time, 11 April please read my update on this post below

I usually surf the news on the Internet after office hours, however, I was surprised of what I’ve discovered tonight. At about 8.06pm, Bangkok time, I typed and this is what I’ve got. when you browse it in Thailand

I’m not sure what’s happening but apparently after Youtube, and got the ire of the Thai Government for some reason.  

This is hot news, I informed Joey and Erwin re the possible blockade for their info. I said to myself, this might be an error on my computer, I refreshed my laptop but the same window.

I tried to check Inquirer Bloggers, to my relief, I can still view the site. 

I surfed Surprise, surprise, this is what I’ve got. when you browse it in Thailand

The small English script reads as follows:

( Sorry! the web site you are accessing has been blocked by ministry of information and communication technology )

I lost my contacts in CNN so I’m not sure how to inform them but I’m sure they’ve already noticed as they have a regional office here in Bangkok.

They usually do this for pornographic sites but and Their news might be too sizzling for the Thai government, well I hope I’m wrong. I tried to key in other news media addresses. Al-Jazeera and BBC are still up, so I might probably be wrong and this might be a simple case of technical mistake???


Time stamp: 11.43pm, Bangkok Time, 11 April 2007 

I’m really puzzled of what happened early this evening it’s like I entered a Twilight Zone! When I surfed the internet just to check on the latest on there was this announcement from Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. Good thing there’s print screen, so I have an evidence of what I saw and that I’m not just hallucinating.

After blogging about this apparent blockade, I tried to access the Tagalog site of WordPress. Guess what? I was directed to the cyberclean webpage again. I tried to access, while I was able to access it it was in its naked glory. I tried to access Chuckie’s website, it was also blocked!??? (hmm, is it because of Antoniella??).

I’ve received an inquiry from Yuga as to what ISP I’m hooked on, I was on True, which is a private company here. I took his lead and tried to ask my friends based here in Thailand to further confirm the possible blockade. A friend, who’s served by TOT, said the sites that I claimed to be blocked were fine (CNN,, Tagalog WordPress, A Day In The Life, and yes even my blog), she can read all the news and all my blog entries! (by that time, I couldn’t access or update my blog on Blogbastic! as in only that site, I still have access to my other blogs on wordpress though).

Alas, when I asked two other friends, one confirmed that was blocked the other confirmed that my blog was blocked, they were also on True. In the process of confirming the sites that they are surfing, one of them told me that she can now has access to part of my blog! I was puzzled and then after a while she can read most of the entries on my blog.

When I checked on my laptop, typed CNN, then on one tab, then Chuckie’s blog on another, then WordPress Tagalog on another then my blog on another tab–I can see, I can see all of them (sigh…).

It made sense to me now, that last year, I started a blog for a network of communications officer here in the region and even before I could populate it with entries, it got blocked also by the MICT for some reason. When I emailed them for an explanation, no reply was made, I guess if this block was eventually for a longer period, my inquiries would have landed on deaf ears, too.

It was a great relief (to know I still have access on this blog in Bangkok, THAILAND!), puzzling but a bit scary. I’m supposed to be on a blogging hiatus because of an office work load and, have to admit this, because of the contagious moods of Massa P. and Shari. But this event was too good to pass not to be blogged.

Sayang I thought I had a scoop already, but that’s fine at least I have access to my blog again. Now, I can really relate to people having a site and then censored for no reason at all–I mean really no reason or provocation. Enough said.

Lastly, many thanks to Abe, Erwin and Joey for having the time to look into this info. Thanks to Liza and Danny, Mel and Ligh for helping me confirm this event.


7 thoughts on “ & blocked in Thailand??? (UPDATE)

  1. Wow, Big Brother Mr. Thai is watching you. Hey, as long as you’re not being permanently blocked from your blog (and blogging) as I need my fix (at least once a week) of Jim’s hues and points of views. 🙂

    BTW, you should probably change that “Blogbastic! is worth $1, 129.08” image on your right sidebar. It’s actually worth $9,597.18 now… and yes, that number value is not dynamically populated… You have to periodically go check that site and copy-and-paste your new html code.

    L8tr days.

  2. hey Jim. Thanks for the info. We’re also checking this with some people there. Hope we can get to the bottom of this 😉

  3. my God. nothing’s worse than being blocked from your blog… eep.

  4. @fruity, actually I had this feeling before when I posted a video re my trip in Yangon. I got some views from Myanmar after that but no incidence (so, I guess I was just paranoid then). Ah yes, thanks that this blog a source of relief to you just as yours to mine. 🙂

    Ei, I followed your advice, my blog worth is now $15,807.12 (quick jump)!! can you believe that???!! if only I could cash that in cold hard cash, then I won’t have any problem with my visa application at the Australian Embassy! (so much for the show money).

    @cyberbaguioboy. When I first discovered this, I was concerned about the sites and its implication on press freedom, but I really found it odd that only CNN and were targetted(?) as I can still view BBC and Al-Jazeera. Then when I realized that my site was also blocked, I was mum and was more confused. The government here are actually into site blocking fringe because of critical sites but my site??? Oh well, I guess it was a random technical glitch–but man, 5 sites!?

    @Xtina, yap nothing’s worse than having no access to something you own. making this incidence worse is that I can’t even access to by-pass the censorship. geez!

  5. i wonder what’s wrong… maybe they released some press statement regarding this issue

  6. ano ba naman ang topak ng thai??

  7. Hi Raymond, the incident might just be a temporary glitch but it was certainly scary.

    Prinsipe Langaw, sana may sagot din ako. Maligaya na ako na may access ulit ako sa blog na ito. salamat sa pagbisita! 🙂

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