One Day Blog Silence on 30 April

One Day Blog Silence


4 thoughts on “One Day Blog Silence on 30 April

  1. I haven’t wanted to blog about ODBS and Virginia Tech massacre simply because if I don’t have anything new to add, I tend to stay away from popular topics. Truthfully, I’m a bit conflicted about the whole point of ODBS since… generally speaking, a lot of people (not necessarily me, hehe) use their blogs to try to galvanize action… to speak for important topics… to reach out to others and not stay silent. Voice is a tool for action and a call for solutions. Maybe I’m being simplistic, but silence is partially what got the sad, sad crazed man in trouble (that, and the fact that he is physicall mentally unbalanced and needs meds)… Maybe if he had reached out earlier… he might’ve have gotten help sooner.

    I know that through my blog (even as shallow as it, LOL), I’ve received some interesting e-mails from people… that cheer me up when the days are really dark. Really.

    But out of respect for the victims and the ODBS supporters, I will not blog on that day. On the other hand, I only blog once or twice a week now, hehe… so the likelihood of me blogging on the 30th were small already even before ODBS.

    Take care!

  2. I thought long about this ODBS, i.e., whether to join the fray. I said to myself that I also have days when I don’t blog (but I bloghop), so what difference would it make? but I thought that by joining the awareness drive on the ODBS I join in solidarity with the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre and their families.

    I meant to write more on this post but, as with you, I don’t have anything new to add.

    It is also my personal conviction that the one day blog silence also goes to Julia Campbell, Jun Mallari and all the Filipino Journalists, and the 7 beheaded workers by the terror group south of the Philippines. These events happened almost within the week of the Virginia Tech Massacre.

  3. I read on and today… that it might be a linkbaiting scheme (the charge being that the owners would use the site and it’s Technorati/Google rank… and redirect URL to another site.

    Well, innocence until proven guilty… but that would be awful if it was true…

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