Nominee for blogger’s choice award (UPDATE)

Blogger's Choice Nominee for Best Blog About StuffMy good online buddy, Massa P., was kind enough to nominate Blogbastic! as best blog about stuff. 🙂 This is my first nomination but not sure if I would survive the contest as I’m pitted against some of the most read blogs on the blogosphere but it’s a good experience anyway.

You have to register though before you can vote. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for Massa P, or the other blogs or even my blog as I might violate the TOS I have here on wordpress.  I’m still on free blog. As I’ve told Massa P., I might just have to watch the votes from the sidelines and see if my blog will earn some votes.  With the registration requirement, any blogger who would take time to vote suuuuuureeeeely loooooovvvee Blogbastic!

For some reason or another, I was able to register just now and have an option to sign up or NOT with PPP (25 april, 9am bangkok time). So, again the invitation still holds, please vote and yes, the registration was not that tedious after all. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Nominee for blogger’s choice award (UPDATE)

  1. Truthfully, as much as I love and think that the blogs I nominated are extra super duper, I don’t expect anyone that I voted (including me who’s nominated) to win… I just wanted to show my love. It might be good for a little bit of blog traffic and at least +1 Technorati boost, I think. Well, that’s what my crazy sister sez… and she nominated me… even for Worst Blog of All Time, lol. Love that one. I’d probably enjoy the notoriety.

    Good luck though! (I know my friend, sis and myself voted for you.)

  2. wow…thats awesome…!!!

  3. fruityoaty: as much as you like and as much as I’m tempted, I don’t want to vote for you as the worst blog of all time–maybe if it’s april fool’s day! one good thing about this nomination is I have a brag icon to come with my other sidewidgets–ehehehe! 😀

    nixinne: thank you, thank you, hopefully you’ll find time to register and vote?! hihi! 🙂

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