The Challenge of the Superduperfriends

The Challenge of the Superduperfriends

My friend and former colleague, Jonas Diego, recently announced the completion of the Superduperfriend site. The site is a satire of US politicians. I haven’t seen the video, for some reason or another I just can’t view it here in Thailand, I’ll try it in the Internet Cafe. Meantime, enjoy. Here’s an excerpt of Jonas’ blog entry about his project.

It’s a parody animation/video we made based on the Saturday morning cartoon, Challenge of the Superfriends (remember the good ole days?). Only instead of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman we got the US Presidential Candidates duking it out in four color wonder.


6 thoughts on “The Challenge of the Superduperfriends

  1. hindi ako mahilig sa superheroes.. pero parang maganda naman . ayos!

  2. 😀 maganda nga siya paurong, ‘di ko lang ma-view dito sa Thailand, blocked pa rin kasi Youtube! Happy watching!

  3. This one certainly is making the blogging rounds… flying around the blogosphere, hehe. I saw it a few days ago on zerovoltage’s site… then yesterday on Shari’s site… and now yours! But it never loses its hilarity factor, even after the 3rd viewing, LOL. It’s very well done.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Jim. 🙂

  5. wala bang localized version nyan in time for the senatorial elections dito sa Pinas? he he… Si joker arroyo as captain america sumisigaw ng pag bad ka, lagot ka! si nikki coseteng as pantyless wonder woman (tutuu ba na di nagpa-panty un pag campaign kasi lucky charm nya un?), si pichay as aquaman (mukhang dolphin e).etc. etc.

  6. Massa P.: Sadly, I haven’t watched the clip yet as Youtube’s still blocked here in Thailand, I tried viewing it via to no avail 😦

    Jonas: Proud to post it! though it took me sometime to do it and yes–still haven’t watched it!!

    badoodles: Actually naisip ko na yan eh, commissioned kasi sa company nila Jonas yan so, I think kung mag-commission ang GO (Genunine Opposition) na gumawa ng tulad nito, OK! pero mas OK kung independent ang gagawa para kasama lahat ng barkada, i.e., mapa-oposisyon at administrasyon. eheheh! 😀 Hayaan mo suggest ko kay Jonas, malay mo may lumabas na local version!

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