Want direction how to get to New York from London? Try Google Maps

I’ve just learned this from Al-Jazeera’s Street Talk by Riz Khan this morning.

Google Maps is trying to outdo Yahoo! Maps in terms of giving service to its clients. Outdo they did. Try getting directions on how to get from New York to London. Here’s a print screen of what you’ll get, notice direction no. 24.

Google direction for your New York to London route

Direction No. 24 says:

Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 miles

It’s certainly past April Fool’s Day, isn’t it? But Google has their way of making their clients happy. Who’s going to swim that long, well unless you’re trying to break a Guiness record. At least they were kind enough to say how long it was for a swim. eheheh!

I tried getting direction to Manila from Bangkok, both Yahoo! and Google are mum. Waaah, why can’t I go home? 😀

Driving directions cannot be determined between these locations.

-Yahoo! Maps

We could not calculate driving directions between Bangkok and Manila.

Google Maps


4 thoughts on “Want direction how to get to New York from London? Try Google Maps

  1. Hahah, I actually look forward to Google’s annual April Fool’s hoaxes… Loved the one this year: http://www.google.com/tisp/

    Free “flush” hi-speed Internet for everyone. LOL.

  2. 😀 LOL “flush” hi-speed yap that was good, I like the Gmail paper–I was almost duped by it!

  3. tried doing it from new york to paris. turns out, you have to swim too.

  4. LOL, i don’t think they have any plans to fix it. so, start practicing those backstrokes and freestyles! thanks for visiting paolomendoza. 🙂

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