Chocolate for health, anyone?

I meant to post this entry on the dateline of the Daily Express below but I was engulfed with so many things and this draft was overtaken by a number of drafts that I wrote after that. Anyway, here it goes.

A blog entry over fruityoaty inspired me to blog, finally, about this business idea that I was dreaming about since I started hanging out with my coffee-addict colleagues and friends back when I started working, well after my Jollibee days.

Whenever I go to cafes I was a bit frustrated to end up with just one choice of chocolate drink, be it hot or cold, when coffee drinkers have lines of coffee to choose from. I said to myself, why not have a parallel line of chocolate drinks. I discussed this idea/dream with a French friend and told him that I wish to pursue this business idea with a big cafe, possibly with Starbucks or other cafe companies, given a chance.

He told me that it’s a good one and revealed that they have their own way of preparing their chocolate drink. He also told me that Spanish also have their own way of preparing their chocolate drinks. To my surprise I excitedly told him that Filipinos, too, seem to have a different way of preparing chocolate drink. As I’m writing this I’m starting drool and crave for chocolate eh! Well, the discussion certainly confirmed my business idea might actually have some basis or a good one, I mean there are certainly lot of chocolate drinkers around, I suppose, aside from me.

As with coffee, chocolate drinks when prepared in a certain can have that certain taste, texture when you drink it. I like it when it is warm enough first thing in the morning that you can feel it flushing down your throat and washing your heart and feel the lining of your stomach. 🙂 

Well, as for my dream venture either with Starbucks, Black Canyon, Coffee World or any cafe, I still have to save up some money and save those recipes until it becomes a reality. 🙂 Anyone of you can pick this business idea, I’d be a willing customer! But the news below about chocolate made me more of a chocolate drink fanatic and want to pursue lines of chocolate drinks for the masses. So, anybody for a chocolate drink? For health! 🙂

By Nick Fagge
Daily Express
19 Feb 2007

CHOCOLATE, supercharged with plant compounds, can boost brain power while fighting heart disease and cancer. Scientists have discovered that substances in certain cocoa beans can dramatically improve learning and memory. They boost blood flow to the… read more…Tech Tags:


7 thoughts on “Chocolate for health, anyone?

  1. I’d love a choco drink. Libre ha? 🙂 I’ve just drank one anyway, hehe.

    Parang spaghetti, iba’t ibang timpla.

  2. Sige shari, libre kita kapag nasa manila ako. LOL 😀 I really hope I can fulfill this dream or somebody can take on this business idea, my children are also chocolate drink lovers! 🙂

  3. Yup, there are different recipes for hot chocolate… I tried Mexican hot chocolate for the first time… last year and I liked it in small doses. Very intense dark chocolate flavour, sweet… and taste of cinnamon.

    My fave childhood brekkie treat on a Sunday morning… as I can recall is my Mom’s “real Filipino” cocoa drink with suman (fried a little bit in butter and then sprinkled with sugar). Ahhhh, good times.

    I always say, there are “some problems” in this world that CAN BE solved by eating chocolate, hehe. 😉

  4. Massa P! Massa P! Massa P! that’s exactly what I had when I was about 5-7 years old with my Lola (grandma) in Santa Cruz, Laguna. You made me drool again (i’m all wet!!! ahahay– 😀 )!! that’s really awesome–these are the things that would really make you return to the Philippines–no replacement. even the kwek-wek, balut among others! woooh, you should try it when you have a chance to come back. 😉

  5. Will be looking forward to that choco drink! 😀

    Truth be told, I never really knew that there are different recipes for hot choco. I’m one of those people who thinks generally: hot choco, no matter what it’s called, is hot choco. 😉

    Street foods! Kwek-kwek, isaw. And balut! Weeeh. I’m in the Philippines, but I’m also drooling right now, lol.

  6. Actually Shari, akala ko din isa lang hot choco just like wine is a wine then beer is a beer pero nang ma-addict ako, yun na! pero siyempre kapag nasa bahay good ol milo drinkers kami ng mga anak ko. 🙂

    Waaah! I miss kwek-kwek I think I’ll be able to eat 10 if I had the chance!

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