Long wait is over

Last Monday was a public holiday in Thailand. This was in lieu of the Coronation Day last Saturday. It was an easy day at the office so before I go writing a number of reports, I thought maybe I should check on the AVFS website. We filed our visa application 13 weeks ago with AVFS, the Australian Embassy–appointed visa filing cenre. Thirteen weeks, it’s seem to be a very, very long wait. The wait for our visa result should have been just 12 weeks hadn’t it been for my wife’s period–women are not allowed to take the medical exam during their period–not that I blame her for that.

It was a pleasant surprise that the passport tracking status changed after weeks of checking, it read:

Passport has been passed from Operations Centre to Australian Visa Application Centre, May 4. Please collect the same.

It was a pity I wasn’t able to check it that Friday afternoon, I would have known the results by then. So, I had to hold on to celebrating the completion of our visa application as I thought, call me pessimistic, is it already stamped or would it have the letter explaining disapproval??? So, I kept the news to myself–I wouldn’t be able to collect the passports anyway since it’s a holiday.

So that Monday night, I tormented my wife with my worries about the passport–but at the back of my mind, I hope she doesn’t check the website! She got worried indeed–cruel me! 🙂

Yesterday, I woke up early–I was very excited for the day to finish. I have a scheduled meeting with someone near the Australian Visa Application Centre, so it was a good opportunity to collect the passports. 

At the centre, collecting the passports was a a breeze. I was wondering though why our passports had a big envelope with it while the others have none–so I really got a bit worried. The five passports were sealed in big white envelopes and I did not open it. I said, I might as well share the joy (or grief) of the result with the family. So, I went on with the meeting, come 5pm headed straight home.

I called my wife and asked her to check the AVFS website. She’s dead worried why I kept on asking about the visa. The laptop was off and she’s washing the dishes that it took her a while to turn it on. When I finally reached home, she opened the door and I flashed a printout of the AVFS passport tracking result then pulled out the envelopes of passports and letters, she was literally jumping and shouting for joy when she saw what I had.

I was trying to wake up the kids but they did not lift a finger. So, we proceeded to open the big envelope. I read it fast and saw the magic word…

I am pleased to advise you that your application has been approved

Whooa! now, my joy is complete and literally it was as if a thorn was removed from my heart.

I inspected the passports immediately and all have the fresh, crisp Australian visa stamp, and they gave us four years!! 

Now, that this has passed, it’s time to think about the more serious work of research, research, research! For now, I’ll be blogging from Thailand until July then will be blogging from Perth, Australia from August until I finish my studies. 🙂

Our sincerest gratitude goes to my Aunt, Ms. Loida Caro, who expressed her support for my family’s stay in Australia by lending her bank accounts. And to other bloggers, my readers, friends, colleagues who lend their hands and knees in prayers.

Many thanks, maraming salamat, khob jai, khob khun khrup, merci! 

To God be the Glory!


2 thoughts on “Long wait is over

  1. Wow, congratulations to you and your family. 🙂

  2. Many thanks Mithi! thanks for visiting, too, Cheers! 🙂

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