Pacquiao loses to rival and a few million pesos

Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao’s decision (to agree to the prodding of Pres. Arroyo) to join the congressional race proved to be a wrong move for Pacman. He was reportedly ‘sad,’ ‘depressed’ over poll results and was also reported to have lost some cash. Aggravating the situation is the circulating manipulated photo that went around as soon as the results became apparently clear.

Poor Pac-Man, he should have stuck to holding his gloves rather than trying to put on those dirty barong!

Pacquiao after the elections


5 thoughts on “Pacquiao loses to rival and a few million pesos

  1. At least Manny P. can always say that he did try another arena and as in any of his boxing bouts, win or lose, he should come out wiser after the fight and a better person I hope. In time, I pray he comes to grip with his fate. Cheer up….you remain the peoples’ hero. And for the recently held election, may the Filipino people appreciate the fact that it was a generally peaceful exercise of their freedom of suffrage. A half filled glass will quench thirst; a half empty glass will bring just that … emptiness..

  2. Hopefully Manny P. will be wiser from this experience and realize that he can definitely help his countrymen in some other way. thanks for visiting LoryRich. Cheers! 🙂

  3. can this be seen as an indication that the electorate has finally matured? this, too, should serve as a lesson not only for Pacman (are you reading this Goma and Boboy?), but for the rest of them who were just riding on their popularity in hopes of getting votes. SHAME on those who were obviously using them for their own selfish ends.

  4. Hahahaha! I love the pic!
    Seems like the electorate has somewhat matured… if only the same thing would happen here in Manila… (sigh)
    This whole election is just a choice between the lesser of two evils…

  5. hahahahahahahahah! this picture is great i could just laugh all my entrails out!! all day1! krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrshhhhhhh!! hahahahahahahahhahahahah heeeheeeeheeh hohooohooo hooo hooo
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