Visitor Analysis

Blogbastic is taking its course. I think I’ll be sticking to blogging about news, when everybody’s (even the best) is already doing it. Reason that I might take this primary blog objective is my readers. 

I’ve noticed recently that my blog has become the jump-off point for Internet surfers (presumably Filipino OFWs or expats) looking for Filipino news sites. If I had adsense or was an affiliate of, I might have earned a few dollars in my referrals to radios on Here’s a summary of the Top Ten at Blogbastic!

This is just for the last 30 days but my post on Philippine radio stations online is a consistent top notcher since I posted it. Some of these posts have been reblogged or appeared in a number of splogs (spam blog), good thing we have akismet here at wordpress. 🙂

But I’ll still be blogging about random thoughts on various issues on the life of an expat (soon to be concluded), family man and student (I’m going full-time soon!). A friend of mine once asked me to blog about Thailand but I’m not a travel blogger but I’m trying to contribute a piece or two, so while I’ll try news blogging (for now?), I’m still open for suggestions. 🙂 Let’s see how it goes. 


4 thoughts on “Visitor Analysis

  1. Well, isn’t that Level 2 of blogging… when you consistently write about specific topic(s)… niche… to capture a certain audience? A good example of a blogger who transitioned from “personal” blogging to more focused topic (technology) is Jaypee from JaypeeOnline. Pretty successful too, from my viewpoint.

    I’m thinking of transitioning too, but I’ll keep my personal blog… and probably start something – short techie type of entries and resources – something related to my current career. Maybe.

    In any case, whatever you choose, you should know that I’ll be back. 😉

  2. thanks Massa P! I hope you also find your light. I’ll still maintain this blog as semi-personal one just like Jayvee’s blog and I hope I can sustain this new found passion. 😀

  3. i’ve been thinking of blogging about my field, too. i find that there are a lot of misconceptions about dentistry and there hardly are any blogs (i have yet to find one, actually) where people can learn and air their concerns. problem is, i don’t have the time required for such. this could be just imagined though, and i might get the hang of it once i get started (like always).

    it’s really your style of writing that i like, Jim. as somebody cited before, it has this “journalistic” feel to it. 🙂

  4. ei jun thanks heaps! flattering comments–bumibigat tuloy responsibility! ehehe!
    why not a blog on dentistry anyway?! the idea was hovering on top of my head but I guess you’ll be the one who can finally say what your blog conviction really is and should be. 🙂

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