“Sir you have to pay the toll fee”

It was another day of crime in the Philippines but this recent event was different than the others–the police had a chance to pursue vigorously the suspects (hats off to the galant officers), however, five were killed in the subsequent hostage drama.

The amazing part of the story is not the high speed car chase or the shoot-out between the robbers and policemen–it was the encounter of the policemen with the toll gate keeper at the private North Luzon Express way. If this is confirmed to be true, I am aghast at the implication of this to the services that Filipinos are receiving. Here’s the excerpt of the news:

The passengers were able to get away from the suspects who ordered at gunpoint the driver of the car to drive towards the North Luzon Expressway.

The car drove through the toll gates past the barricade while pursuing cops were delayed when NLEX toll keepers reportedly insisted that they pay the toll.

Mobile patrol units from the Motorcycle Anti-Street Crime Operations, the QCPD, and the Caloocan City Police waited for 10 minutes until NLEX security officers raised the barricade.

How stupid can these people get????!! all because of money. This reminded me of reports when some patients are turned away in some hospitals (both private and public) because the patient has no deposit (one movie by a late Filipino actor highlighted this practice in his movie and gave the doctors what they fully deserve–a gun on their forehead). Enough said.


2 thoughts on ““Sir you have to pay the toll fee”

  1. That is totally insane. You would think that police got through for free anyway, clearly that is not true.

  2. It is Josh, but haven’t seen any follow-up to this to refute the report that the NLEX security officers took some time to allow the pursuing officers, can you imagine if it was an ambulance?

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