US Missile Defense Plans puts Russia on Offensive

When the International Herald Tribune reported that U.S. makes its pitch for a missile shield in Europe, it caught the attention of Russia and Germany. Russian President Vladimir Putin had strong words for the President and threatened to aim its nuclear warheads to certain targets in Europe.

Former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev warned that the America’s action could lead to another cold war with the possible arms race between the two countries. Bono also expressed irritation on the word war between the two presidents describing the distraction as a cockfight. He complained that the leaders should focus more on poverty eradication and not on not so important issues.

The proposal from the US was in light of Iran’s claimed nuclear capability but the reason for shielding Europe was not accepted by many. However by the end of the week of the G8 Summit in Berlin, Russia makes a surprise offer to the US. It recommended a collaborative effort to shield Europe but the missile defense would be placed in a Russian appointed country and not to former soviet states as what the US was pushing.

US President George W. Bush welcomed the suggestions and promised to look into it. However, Nato was quick to react and suggested that the Russian proposal should be taken into consideration with caution.

While the US and Russia have yet to act on the issue of the missile defense, Poland, which is one of the cooperating countries for the missile defense, said that negotiations are still on-going. This would mean that unless the US says they will accept the Russian deal, Europe might have to deal with the fact that they would really need the missile defense with the threat of Russia to re-direct its warheads to targets in Europe.


2 thoughts on “US Missile Defense Plans puts Russia on Offensive

  1. and Bono is the president of what country?

  2. 🙂 U2 incorporated–eheheh! just kidding, just one of the regular most influential guys around. I’m sure you’ve heard his (old) hit songs (to some it’s a classic) and his initiatives against AIDS.

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