Feels Great to be a Filipino!

After being tagged by Jonas, Shari and finally by Chuckie, I think it is fitting to finally(!!!) post this blog entry especially on this special day–Philippine Independence Day! So, without further ado, here’s my thoughts on why it feels great to be a Filipino!

  • Filipinos are resilient even in times of adversities. This character is fuelled, at times, by our faith in God and our innate determination and will to persevere.
  • Filipinos are generally kind and can get along with any other person or race.
  • Filipinos are well known to be hospitable people who would give the best to guests, no matter what.
  • Some of the people that make me proud to be a Filipino included Ninoy, Francis M., (hate it or not) Marcos, Sakay, E-heads among others.

These are general characteristics of every good Filipino and these are not yet the tip of the ice berg–I mean there’s a lot more to this so, it is just the start of a loooong list. However, as with everything good, there’s a bad side, too. Chuckie initiated another tag game to highlight and perk Pinoys around the world to contemplate on uniquely Pinoy bad traits and try to change–but that’s another post. 🙂

Now, I’m done! I have to tag 10 more so that the ball continues to get rolling. The ball’s with Dan, Ivy, Mimie, Rudyard, Paolo, Lynette, Elaine, Czille, Massa P. and spilling my own thunder.

Mabuhay ang malayang Pilipinas!


3 thoughts on “Feels Great to be a Filipino!

  1. Thanks for meme tag. I’d meant to do it on the 12th because Jun Anteola had tagged me for it just a few days before you did. Unfortunately, my beloved Mom ended up in the hospital that day for massive internal bacterial infection and bleeding (bad day for Massa P as I slept in a hospital chair, sitting beside my mother).

    I haven’t felt like blogging – life is wearing me down… Maybe I’ll do the meme on the 16th or 17th. There’s a Filipino parade in Toronto on the 16th (to celebrate Philippines Day), so… that’d be better… I can include pics.

    L8tr days.

  2. thanks for the tag. i’ve been slack lately. i will do the meme maybe later tonight.

  3. Massa P.: uyy double tag! well, i’ll be watching out for those photos and your blog post. 🙂

    alma: this post was a bit challenging but it was nice to just sit down and have a self assessment of what make us proud as Filipinos!

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