Tech-savvy teaching, blog passion and blog path

Back in the days when teachers have to use everything under the sun to make learning an unforgettable experience. I remember having to deal with crudely written lessons on Manila papers, blackboards stained with white chalk, diorama made from newspapers among other things. I’m glad that while I studied in a developing country, I was blessed to have diligent teachers and attended reputable schools.

The internet was just made public and was hardly accessible to most people when I started college. So, when I was given a chance to study in Australia I was very impressed that they used Blackboard a lot, however, this was not your ordinary blackboard–it was a web-based e-learning tool. We posted assignments, downloaded lectures and even had our essays checked for plagiarism

So, when reported that blogs are replacing blackboards in Singapore, it certainly brought back good memories. It was also good to know that the University of the Philippines Los Baños was also eyeing blogs as extensions for distance education, which is a welcome development given that schools in developing countries won’t be able to afford (and will not have any funds) a web-based learning software like Blackboard.

When I first blogged more than a year ago, I never expected that blogging would be a potentially addictive habit more so a versatile tool. Blogs are used as journal, review, education medium, venue for political rants, source of income and lately a blogger pointed out other possibilities that blogs can be of use like a tool against poverty and hunger. It actually did already made this change as with the Red Blog, UN Vietnam among others.

Problogging is slowly spreading so, Philanthroblogging (blogging for a noble cause) is also starting. So, what path do you think you’re going with your blogs–are you going pro or Philanthro or just neutral?

Whatever you choose, live your life, enjoy it and blog about it 😉 


11 thoughts on “Tech-savvy teaching, blog passion and blog path

  1. I only studied Grade 1 in the Philippines… and umm, my memories

    Blackboard is a great web-based LCMS (learning content management system). I became acquanted with it when I wrote 2 research papers (comparison of 20+ e-learning tools) for a client 3 years ago (an e-learning solutions software company in Toronto).

    Philanthroblogging… I’ve been thinking about that lately, actually. I initially wanted to blog to raise money for “Aprilyn” (the kid I sponsor monthly… I dunno if you’ve ever seen that blank holding page in my blog for that future info on her) and bring awareness to Foster Parents Plan (like World Vision)… but I didn’t have the blog traffic back then to make it a real go. Maybe in a few months, I’ll blog about it.

  2. Oops, my first sentence — forgot to complete it. I meant… “my memories include… Miss Fernandes, my Grade 1 math teacher who used to terrorize her students with ear tweaks and hits on the head with the rule if they gave the wrong answers. Yeah, bad memories.

    Yeah, I went to a good private school, too. (I was fortunately blessed with parents who had money.)

  3. i never liked school.. so when i see professors using their blog to spread education, i get angry… why hasn’t there been a sex education blog?

  4. I always try to give space to social issues on my blog. Pakialamero ako eh. :p

  5. Massa P: oh so, that’s what it’s called–LCMS. Have you heard about the 24-hour blogging by next month?! I’m thinking to join but haven’t got any sponsors yet. 🙂

    paolo: actually, there are so-called sex education blogs pero splogs nga lang–ehehe! 🙂 ei, by the way, what happened to your blog??? is it the end–just when you got your own domain or this is just temporary??

    Ederic: pareho tayo–pakialamero–LOL! 🙂 nice blog, joined the already! keep it up! cheers!

  6. Hah. I’d have loved to have my classes be conducted online. UPOU, anyone?
    I blog about everything I wanna blog about. Does that make me a philanthroblogger?

  7. Salamat sa pagsali sa Recruit ka pa hehe. 🙂

  8. Shari: UPOU! puwede! I’ve learned that some UP prof (not sure though whether it’s OU or other system) are already trying to use blogs as a means of education–Sir Martin is one. 🙂

    Philanthroblogging is the act of blogging for a cause, i.e., raising some funds for something or somebody. It’s the other way around as opposed to problogging where you earn money for yourself. Philanthrobloggers blog for money not meant for them but for others. 🙂

    Ederic: I will recruit others. thanks for visiting. 🙂

  9. I tugged at the elastic, blanching them down.

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