Quick rant

For some reason or another, I can’t post any comment on any blog–even my own. I’ve replied to the comments of Shari‘s comments on two of my posts and also to Ederic‘s comment but when I hit the post button my comment won’t be posted it’s just–empty!??

Is this just another technical glitch that might last for a few hours as I’ve experienced before? But it’s been more than 20 hours since I’ve been trying, randomly, to post comments on blogs everywhere–wordpress, blogger among others–to no avail. 😦

UPDATE: Apparently my comments were filtered as spams as I found out in a wordpress forum. Imagine your own comment as spam?? How good can akismet be?! But the odd thing though is I can’t post a comment in any other wordpress or non-wordpress blog!!?

I left the test comments just for the record. I’ll try to post another comment in some blogs tonight. Hopefully I’m not marked otherwise my blogging career is over!!! wahahaha! 😦


6 thoughts on “Quick rant

  1. hi jim. looks ok. i saw your comment in my blog. thanks. =)

  2. Ederic: 🙂 lumusot naman comment mo.
    dan: bro, thanks. 🙂
    isagani x, m.a.: matagal na nasa blogroll ko ang sawariko. will add your latest blog. congrats! 🙂

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