I have 28 draft posts on the line, some of them are history. However, with months becoming weeks and soon becoming days before we leave for Australia, I’m currently very busy working on my last hurrah at the office. So, please bear with me, although I believe some of you can’t stand it–my stats are going down this week!

I’ll be back in two weeks–PROMISE!!! But if there’ll be any urgent blogs that I need to post, I surely will post them in 5 minutes (as I always tell my wife–and she doesn’t believe me I can do a post under 5!?) 🙂

Oh well, this is one of them. Ciao!

By the way, please visit Massa P., she’s got an interesting rendition of Myblog in her recent post! 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Busy…

  1. 28? Twenty-eight? WHAT?! WHAT?! Release ’em… set ’em free! They’re crying out for freedom! Libre, libre, libre! LOL. Holy smoley… I’ve just got one in my Drafts… It’s actually pretty much done since… way back in April, I think… I just haven’t found the inspiration to finish the remaining details and polish it up for consumption. Other than that, my blog feels like a ghost town lately.

    See ya in 2 weeks.

  2. welcome to Australia. give me holler when you are in Melbourne.

  3. fruityoaty: yap 28, i’ll release them all soon! hopefully two each day. 🙂 oh yes, I’m baaaaaack! 🙂
    Alma: thanks alma. incidentally, I do have a conference in St. Kilda this November. will give you a holler as soon as the details become definite. cheers! 🙂

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