Taking up Lorelle’s Blog Challenge: Describe Blogging

I’m baaaaack! 🙂

Thanks to those who checked out Blogbastic for any update these past few days. I am glad to inform you (and I’m much relieved) that the last major meeting that I helped organize at the office is finally over. Next stuff will be report writing and, of course, return to my blogging routine. 🙂

This is my 100th blog entry and I think it is just but fitting to take on a blogging challenge as a celebration. I’m supposed to write this post last June 22, so this is a late reply to Lorelle’s blog challenge. Her challenge is to describe blogging (better late than never??:) ). She cautioned bloggers, however, not to take the task lightly as she’s not only looking for a text book definition but a personal conviction of what blogging is. This challenge is almost similar to what Jayvee of abuggedlife has placed long ago–describe your blogging passion.

So, I’m taking on both challenges.

I remember when I was an elementary student, I was a member of a certain religious group. We were required one time in that religion to write a daily journal, something we can look back and meditate on. Back then, I hated writing manually as my handwriting can’t keep up with what I’m thinking (so, my handwriting end up so bad as in really bad–ever heard the comment, you write like a doctor!–and sometimes I end up composing a bad essay)–I prefer to write using a typewriter back then. It was the rule (write daily) but I couldn’t comply because my hand hurts when I write long journal entries (unless I’m really psyched up to write a nice hand-written article).

It was only early last year when I discovered blogging and it brought new life to my passion for writing. Being a trained journalist I needed some outlet–reason that I became a freelance journalist once. But most of the time as a correspondent (and maybe the reason I wasn’t able to submit so much stories) I just wanted to speak my mind even if it doesn’t make sense and I just wanted to express my outburst about something. So, after just writing for a fee then discovering blogging I blogged at Friendster, Point of View to Padayon, then moved to WordPress, where I became Blogbastic!

Blogging, to me, is writing/broadcasting in general but could specifically be taken as history, autobiography, news article, column, novel, comics, radio/video broadcast (podcasts/video streams) among others. It has become a stress-reliever for me–a way to meet my mind and be at peace with it. I’m doing this for free and, as I’ve said before, stats doen’t matter but it certainly gives me a different high when it’s high. 🙂 Comments are also a welcome note.

I haven’t experienced any cyberbullying or anything (and hopefully will not) but I found good friends online from Massa P., Alma, ChicoJunSir Sonnie, Jaypee, Sir Danny, Paolo, Raymond to even better known personalities such as Sir HowieChuckie, Yuga, Joey, Erwin among others. Blogging has expanded my social network virtually and I can say that it’s not only limited now to Friendster, Facebook or Multiply. It has also improved my ranking on Google!

Blogging as a life changing experience? Well, I’m definitely blogbastic and a certified blog addict so maybe these are the changes that occured but hopefully these are not detrimental–I kept on reminding myself, with great power comes great responsibility. Blogging has empowered me to be heard and write my take on various things. This power, however, has also kept me vigorously reminding myself (as what Massa P used to say, which I think she’s consistently reminding me–live life and never let blogging swallow it).

Blogbastic is currently a news blog where I try to blog about my host country’s news and its Philippine connection. I also try to blog about most pressing issues around the world and also try to look at seemingly trivial news that may not land on the first page of new media or traditional news channels. It still is my pseudo-personal (if I may borrow the term from Jayvee 🙂 ) blog. I believe Blogbastic also serves Filipinos around the world to connect with their roots in the Philippines.

I’m blogging while I still can and while I still have the sanity and presence of mind.

Someday, I will be looking back and I’m quite optimistic that I’ll be cherising the posts, comments (good and bad) and will be appreciating that I made the move to sit down and blog. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Taking up Lorelle’s Blog Challenge: Describe Blogging

  1. keep blogging, it’s good for the bloggers and the readers (just know your limits, though) 🙂

  2. Like what Sonnie said, just keep on blogging. You may not know it but your posts or your blog have helped someone directly or indirectly.

    Aside from providing useful information to my readers, one of the main reasons why I blog is because it also helps me not only with my grammar, spelling and writing skills but it has a therapeutic effect. Like you said, it’s stress-reliever.

    Btw, good to have you back and congratulations on your 100th blog post. Thanks for the mention and link love! 🙂

  3. You made my hand ache while starting this post. Ah, the memories of writing by hand. Ick.

    Isn’t it wonderful to return back to a passion in your youth and be able to bring it back to life in a new and better way. Good for you!

  4. writing is an unproductive endeavor where your only investment is your soul.. and that’s what makes it so cool.

    happy hundred post and more blogs to come.

  5. Sonnie: Many thanks for the encouragement and advice. 🙂

    Jaypee: We have similar goals also in blogging. It helps me hone my writing skills (good or bad to others. 🙂 ) Aside from Yuga, your blog is the next tech authority I consult. 🙂 Keep on blogging, too!

    Lorelle: It’s an honor to be visited by one of the greats. 🙂 at least we have something in common albeit something that I wanted to do without-writing by hand. 🙂 It’s wonderful indeed to have found a new life in writing through blogging. Cheers!

    Paolo: It is cool indeed! 🙂 thanks!

  6. for me, blogging is an outlet. pag walang kuryente, wlang blog. pag wlang time… wlang blog post. lolz

  7. 🙂 ayos Raymond! I agree!

  8. Welcome back and Happy 100th blog post! Wow, it’s mind blogging how much time flies! I’ve been reading your blog for this long now? Wow.

    I’m not a prolific blogger, hehe… I’m still about 20 under my 100th…

    Man, I better get to my 100th on or before my blogversary on August 29! Because that would be kinda shameful not to even reach 100th by then, hahahahahaha.

  9. Congrats Jim! It’s an honor to be your virtual friend too.

  10. Massa P.: It’s OK not to reach the 100th post soon, just make sure every post is a quality one. I’m not that proud of some of my previous posts but of course, it’s just there for the record that I stumbled one time. 🙂

    I’ll be looking forward to your 100th…

    Erwin: Thanks! hopefully we can meet up in the future for some real time chat over a chocolate cuppa! 🙂

  11. lolz. blogging sounds like… bragging, blagging… lagging… gising.

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