Hell boy fails to enter Catholic school

A boy surnamed Hell has been banned from an Australian Catholic school according to a report on the Inquirer.net. The ban was imposed apparently because of the boy’s surname. The boy’s father was originally from Austria.

The boy’s parents approached St. Peter Apostle School to enroll him as their son was being bullied in his current school. The school offered the boy a place in the school after the boy’s parents agreed to use the mother’s last name, Wembridge. However, the school backed out of its promise after the parents changed their mind and offered the child another school.

The parents, however, decided to take the child to another school. Hell in Austria means “bright” 🙂

While not related to this news article, this article reminded me of a tourism campaign initiated by Australia sometime in 2004. The accompanying TV ad, however, earned the ire of conservatives in England that it was banned from being aired–WHY?? Because of the hell word plus the adjective of blood–So, where the bloody hell are you?!


To some, it seems like an ordinary phrase but if you translate it to American English one might understand it this way–So, where the f*****g hell are you?!, thus, the buzz.


4 thoughts on “Hell boy fails to enter Catholic school

  1. that’s actually a cool name to have. ahehe. i wonder if there’s anyone in the world named Lucifer?

  2. paolo: cool indeed, problema lahat ng pangalan nagbabago kung saan mo gagamitin. Tulad dito sa Thailand, may babae akong kaibigan ang pangalan ay Phookie (I’d rather call her Hoy, but then I was warned Hoy means THE DEED here–very bad don’t say in public).

    Then another female friend by the name of Thitiphan and another one surnamed Suphot. Baka ma-expell ang mga ito kapag ipinasok mo sa St. Scho. 🙂

    Raymond: kalokohan talaga yung rason for the rejection, ‘di nga ako makapaniwala nung una eh. well, we can’t please everybody even with our names. 🙂

  3. Yep. That happend here in Melbourne. The school was concerned he will be bullied because of his name.

    Poor boy. Someday, I’m sure he will learn to say, “to hell with them”.;)

    btw, I tagged u on a meme. 🙂

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