Death in the Philippines is big time. It is the end so make it memorable anyway. Filipinos usually parade the dead on a hearse with loud music, either the most favorite song of the deceased or a classic line-up provided by the funeral services. There would also be a big photo of the deceased sparking more curiosity among kibitzers (well, including me). The last time I remember the trend of music was more on upbeat–a celebration of life.

I remember as a child just staring at a passing hearse wondering how that person lived his life. That was decades ago. Now, you can just blog hop, learn, be amused, be surprised at how people lived their lives be it for goodness or for worst.

When US Peace Corps Volunteer Julia Campbell was reported missing, most people went online to find out who this Julia Campbell, why did she bother to leave her nice work in New York anyway? People learned more about her in her blog and realized that she is a good person. Days later she was found dead.

Julia Campbell (Source: Julia's Flickr account re her Bicol Stint) More photos of her work in Bicol

Julia’s blog immortalized her and left a legacy for more people to think about volunteerism in the Philippines (and think about the need to increase security not only for expats but locals).

Recently I learned about another death of a blogger, this time a Filipina and an awarded poet. She was a wife, a mother and a teacher. It’s just devastating to learn about these deaths more so if you found out that this person was so important to many people. I may not know her personally but reading the blogs about her, she lived a vibrant life.

Blogs has served its purpose of immortalizing the people behind it whether they want to remain obscure or are certified A-list bloggers.

Ana Escalante-Neri (1978-2007)

Rest in peace.


8 thoughts on “Immortalized

  1. hi jim, di ko akalain magiging teary-eyed ako dito sa post mo na to. babaw talaga ng luha ko. nagka goosebumps ako habang binabaybay ko ang mga sites that gives tribute to miss ana. ang ganda nya!

  2. wah. i don’t even know ana neri before you posted this. pero humagulgol ako sa CR. i don’t know, maybe i fear for my sanity. she looks so happy… bakit naman ganun? this could be my fate in 10 years time…
    dumaan lang.

  3. maruism: same here, I just can’t stop reading on when I read…. a blogger dead and she seems not just an ordinary blogger or person. she was someone special. I got goosebumps actually reading her posts, poems and even blogs about her. I even feel very different after posting this. It just affected me so much. 😦 thanks for visiting by the way at sana balik ka din. will link to your post, if you may. 🙂

    toniwoni: I almost cried, too, toniwoni. I guess every blogger will take the same path, so just live life to the fullest and blog about it. thanks for dropping by, sana bumalik ka. 🙂 will link exchange.

  4. Well, that’s certainly one cultural practice that Filipinos haven’t brought overseas to North America… I guess immigrant Filipinos are thinking that North Americans would freak out if we all started parading the dead with loud music, hehe. Yeah, funerary rites are pretty quiet over here.

    I want a freaking party in my funeral! Lots of food, family, friends and music, that’s the way to go!

  5. Massa P.: it’s a wonder how Filipinos can cope up with predicaments more so grief. such class and style… eheheh! 🙂 IT IS the way to go!

    toniwoni: thanks! 🙂

  6. yep ur right. m also having some paranoid thoughts like what’s gonna happen if somebody out of the blue rips my lungs in the dark alley of the city. di ko na pedeng i-update ung blog ko to tell my ‘closing curtain’.

  7. badoodles: 🙂 eheheh! so make every post count. If it is to make everybody laugh, make sure it does if it is to inform then let it inform. salamat sa pagbisita!

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