The long overdue underpass came to pass

When I read this news about the comletion of an underpass to QC Circle, it certainly brought back memories when we still resided near the area. My daughter was barely two years of age then.

Every weekend, our usual routine is to spend time strolling around QC Circle. We considered it the last frontier, the only spot (aside from UP) where you can confidently… inhale and exhale (well at least the air is clear in that part of the city). However, before you could do your stroll in the park, you have to brave the road and cross pass speeding motorist, most of whom don’t have any regard whether you’re on the pedestrian lane or even if the traffic light says red (meaning the pedestrian could walk, well it was that bad).

I remember one motorist giving me the finger sign and yelling at me “are you out to kill your family?!!!” while speeding past us–this was even it was a red light for them. Oh well, I might never get to use the QC Circle underpass in the near future but I’m glad that it’s up and running now. Hopefully, Quezon City will be able to maintain it like the underpass in Makati City albeit no airconditioning. 🙂


5 thoughts on “The long overdue underpass came to pass

  1. … whether it be makati or qc… it will always be the same. ^^

  2. oooh, now that’s bad. never visited Makati underpass for the last few months. hopefully ‘di naman. 🙂 I’m just glad that they built and that it will serve its purpose. there had been so many deaths in QC Circle already.

  3. hey jim! thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    saan ka naka-base?

  4. I haven’t been to the Philippines… well… what seems like forever… so I don’t know know what the traffic is like there, really… But when friends/family from the Philippines come over to visit us in Canada, they always regale us with horrific stories like:
    1. Mugging and physical assaults
    2. Traffic speed and accidents
    3. Food poisoning

    Umm, not stuff that I really want to hear… Maybe that’s why I haven’t visited the Philippines. I SHOULD REALLY STOP listening to those stories. Freaked me out long enough, lol.

  5. kurokuro: Thanks for visiting, too! balik ka, ha?! I’m now based here sa Bangkok, Thailand but until July 30 lang then off to Australia. 🙂

    fruityoaty: That’s a real pity while I even rant for things that are so sorry about the Philippines, I try to reminisce the good things I had. Balot, kwek-wek, Rockwell mall, good friends, kilawin… oh I could go long but you should try it yourself! 🙂 you’ll definitely be not sorry for going.

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