Bad Filipino traits I’d Wish to Change

I’ve been lagging behind my tagging responsibilities that I got tagged thrice now. This one’s from Chuckie, then there’s another one from Sir Sonnie and another one from Alma (sorry guys it’s still in the draft, but it will come out in a few weeks). Before my hiatus I had 28 drafts, well I was able to release some only to accumulate two to three more drafts so I still have a few more drafts again. 🙂 (30 to be exact). 

Anyway, Chuckie justified starting this tag game as he said:

We can’t have a “Why It Feels Great To Be A Pinoy” tag game without having the opposite of it.  That’s why I’m starting this tag game myself… and personally, I believe this will help Filipinos be more productive (if acted upon) than the previous game.

To truly know ones self is the only way we could improve on it.

So, this tag game shall be called:  “BAD PINOY TRAITS I’D WISH TO CHANGE”

So, I’ll name a few but as with feeling great as a Pinoy, there are a lot of Filipino traits that one might think of. I’m still trying to find out whether it is indeed unique to Filipinos or we are just following the tide of other cultures. Whatever, here’s the top three uniquely (I assume) Filipino traits I’d wish to change.

  • Crab mentality: I believe this is quite unique to most Filipinos. This is the attitude of bringing down someone when that someone is progressing in whatever he do, i.e., in the process of being promoted, etc.

  • Unjustified thriftiness: Filipinos can bring a very noble trait to extreme and hide the generous Filipino inside. In business, giving to gain will never be a motto in some Filipino business outlets.

  • Proud: Yes, we are proud to be Filipinos as with the other cultures of other nations but sometimes, too proud that we forget to look back where we came from (which makes this uniquely Pinoy, I suppose) and forget that we are still on earth–humbleness or even an idea of it escapes one’s mind.

Well, I hope most of my Filipino readers will think about some of the traits that they’ve been wishing that if and only if Filipinos will be able to remove these traits then a better Philippines might follow. 

The hardest part of this tag is tagging 10 more bloggers (I’m running out of blogkada (blogging barkada, bloggies to Chuckie)! 🙂

Hope these guys will comply sometime or another. 🙂 Ivy, Czille, Jonas, Dan, toniwoni, culture shiok, Daniel, Isagani, Rita and Laya.


17 thoughts on “Bad Filipino traits I’d Wish to Change

  1. Haha! Lagging behind na! Tambak na siguro mga utang mo sa tags! Hahaha! Good luck… looks like marami-rami iyan! 😛

  2. nyahaha. where and when in the world is this tagging started? i also tagged you…even before i started reading this entry. cencia na. but mine’s on a more personal note. mga ka-eklatan lang. i never buy this tagging thingie but for once, i am trying it.

    astig ng bagong header naten ah! hehehe. thanks for the credit and the link, appreciate it a lot although ayos na sa akin kahit banner credit lang (or wala). salamat Jim.

  3. I agree with the 3rd one. It’s one of the things I always say to my friends that kinda pisses me off about the Filipinos. They’re TOO proud.

  4. Chuckster: two to go, but as of this writing, nadagdagan na naman from Rita! 🙂 ayos lang.

    rayts: Not sure where and when this all began as with forwarded emails at kung anu-ano pa, but it give somebody a glimpse to some of the trivial things about somebody that you sometimes normally talk about over bottles of beer! 🙂

    Shari: I’m glad I’m not alone in this observation but hopefully, our kababayans will realize that excessive things are not good. 🙂

  5. i’m not really pissed about it, but it can get embarrassing, though. specially when people boast about a fellow Filipino’s achievement and just can’t help comparing it to what other cultures may have achieved. we think differently. we thrive in community. other people need to understand this.

  6. good point Jun! I think tolerance is the key and yes, a bit of gravity. 🙂 nobody’s perfect anyway.

  7. hush hush …..hmmmmmph…

  8. .,.,hhhmmmmppppfffff,.,.,
    .,.,is that all?.,.,

  9. Those traits make this country arguably less appealing.

    • Thanks Den though I have to say that while some of these traits are ‘uniquely’ Filipino, there are other nationalities that have their own downside which makes tolerance and diplomacy a must traits to carry around. 🙂

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