Of Perth and delays

Finally after months of waiting for THE day, it finally came. We left Bangkok, Thailand with a bit of sadness and excitement. Sadness to leave our beloved friends in Bangkok and excited to start another chapter in a country we learned to like. We maximized everything–time spent with friends, places, eating among others even our baggage allowance–125 kilos of checked-in baggage and another 35 kilos of hand-carried luggage. 🙂

We will definitely miss Bangkok but we are very happy that we are moving to Perth to finally pursue my studies and enjoy another chapter of our life in Australia, this time, in its Golden State. 🙂

Caro Family at Suvarnabhumi Airport

We flew via Brunei Air as it was the cheapest flight that we can get (I’m paying for my family’s air ticket cost). We left Bangkok on time and arrived Bandar Seri Begawan on time, however, we were informed that the flight to Perth will be delayed for about 5 hours. So, we tried to entertain ourselves and enjoy the airport.

Brunei International Airport was not as fancy as other airports as it was built only to serve its purpose, nothing else–as opposed to Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand, which seems like a mall in an airport and staying there was already first class even for economy passengers.

After 5 hours no announcement yet and boredom is getting into the nerves of my children. Then the announcement, “we would like to announce that boarding will be delayed for another 45 minutes due to cabin cleaning.” Most of the Australian passengers, some of whom flew from Europe, howled “NO!” in protest.

Brunei air fed us well but did not prepare us that it will be that long. But as if they were shaken by the passengers’ protest, barely 5 minutes after the announcement, we were allowed to embark the plane–well, only to wait for about 30 minutes before the plane finally took off.

Anyway, after almost 5 hours of travel we arrived Perth at around 12 midnight. It was raining hard. Just as I stepped out of the airport, my hands started to get numb–it was about 10 degrees! We took two cabs to our temporary accomodation, courtesy of my kumare, Elaine. The taxi driver told us that it wasn’t the best weather they have but they do welcome the rains as it spelled the end of drought in Australia.

First day in Perth!

As of this writing, I still have to complete my formal enrollment but I’m glad that we’re done with worrying about travelling to Australia (baggages, allowance among others). The kids are enjoying Australia (as you can see in the photo) and I’m quite excited to get on to business of “banging” my head to complete my research task. 🙂

Cheers, ‘mate!


4 thoughts on “Of Perth and delays

  1. nice to know you guys arived safe in your new home. And how long will your study take? nakakatuwa ang ngite ng mga girls mo, hehehe. sana okay kayo lagi dyan. ngapala, MS ba ito?

  2. 🙂 the scholarship’s good for three years–PhD na. The girls are enjoying winter. Hopefully I could shoot good photos here-ehehe!

  3. you have finally arrived in Oz. good luck. your girls are all cute 🙂

  4. 🙂 yap, finally! thanks for the compliments on my girls.

    I’m attending a conference in November in St. Kilda! hope we could meet-up for a cuppa?! Cheers!

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