Aussie Idol enjoys second-best debut :

One of my favorite shows when I was doing my studies here in Australia back in 2004 was Australian Idol. It was the second year of the British Franchise here in the Commonwealth and my kids and I enjoyed it. From the talented aspirants to downright hilarious unforgettable wannabes.

This season’s Aussie Idol became the second-best debut for the franchise. My kids loved Sebastian, the 2003 Australian Idol because of his charming voice and good looks and we also enjoyed the competition of Season 2 and the talent of all the 12 finalist and even to the showdown between Casey Donovan and Anthony Callea.

Well, it was indeed exciting for me back in 2004 and hopefully, this year’s Aussie Idol will live up to last night’s and tonight’s episodes, which are a real stress reliever. 🙂

One thing I’ve noticed is they now have four judges here. They were only three back in 2004 in the tradition of Simon, Paula and Randy. Now they have Mark, Marcia, Dicko (who went on leave on 2005 and 2006) and Kyle. From the looks of the candidates for this year’s contest, I think the judges will have a very hard time picking the best as most of the aspiring singers that made it were musician-composers. Now, let’s wait and see. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Aussie Idol enjoys second-best debut :

  1. stress reliever talaga ang mga ganitong show noh? I used to watched American Idol religiously, pati Philippine Idol, sus. Pero mas hagalpak pa rin talaga ako sa tawa sa mga wannabes ng AI. Di ko alam minsan kung saan nila hinuhugot ang lakas ng loob. asus.

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  3. I like to watch American Idol (when it gets to the last rounds)… I usually don’t watch Canadian Idol (even though I’m Canadian)… but this year, I started watching it because a half-Filipino girl name Martha Joy got to the Top 8 (got eliminated recently). She was pretty good.

  4. August 20! Happy 1-Year Blogversary!

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  6. Rayts: Faith in one’s self–translation elib sa sarili! 🙂 darating din ako diyan at sasali sa Australian dito! eheheh

    fruityoaty: I tend to watch also the last rounds but it’s good to watch the first few episodes so that I can follow a bit. 🙂 ei thanks for the greetings!

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