Lunar eclipse

Thanks to Getty they have at least a stock of what a lunar eclipse would have looked like. Australia had very good view of the lunar eclipse last Tuesday night but not us here in Western Australia. The weather spoiled my planned moon gazing activity.

I first fell in love with star gazing during a trip to the Manila Planetarium when I was an elementary student. The centre was jampacked then that I had to lie down on the floor to see the film showing. Lying on the floor was in fact the best position to watch the film as we watch about a film documentary about space (the film was projected on the centre’s dome roofing). It was the first time that I took notice of such beautiful bodies… albeit heavenly bodies 🙂 Orion, the bear, the big dipper and the moon.

Since then, stargazing has been my favorite past time especially whenever I get to a pitch black place. I remember my first lunar eclipse experience was also back when I was in elementary. The moon looked very big and my friends were telling horror stories during that night but it was certainly an awesome sight as the moon looks so huge and perfectly round.

When I first arrived here in Australia, I was amazed with the weather, which was most of the time clear skies during the night that one could get a very good view of the heavens. It is surely an awesome and exhilarating experience. So investing on a good telescope is not worthless for any stargazer. 🙂

Anyway, I missed this latest total lunar eclipse. I’ll definitely mark the next one–December 2011–as to where I’ll be by that time, I’m not yet sure but I’ll definitely not going to miss it unless cloudy weather prevails again. 🙂


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