Youtube returns to Thailand

For the first time since about four months Thailand blocked Youtube, I got to access the site here Down Under and watch some of my favorite clips online. 🙂

Then barely five months since Thailand blocked Youtube last April 3, Youtube is online again in Thailand according to The Bangkok Post. This came after lengthy negotiations between Google and the Thai Government with Google agreeing to remove the clips. However, the removal of the clips did not materialize as Google insisted that they might break rights of other users to free speech. The Thai government agreed to Google’s move install filters for Thai Youtube users. This means if you are a user in Thailand, you will still be able to access Youtube but you will not be able to access any identified offensive video clips against the monarchy.

Some Thai media experts were not happy with this as it was just a partial success for free speech advocate. Google won to have Youtube online in Thailand but “with conditions.”

The Thai government is happy with the outcome anyway and at least Google gave in to the Thai Government’s “request” albeit after a long dragged negotiations. Everybody happy.

Thailand has boundaries and this case has showed that in cyberspace there are still rules and there are still boundaries. As to how far would a country/organization could impose its rules/laws, it is still a vague concept I suppose. What do you think?


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