My Hate List

Tag from Sir Sonny. 🙂 This might be the tag game that I might end up hating 🙂 well, actually this is just my list of least liked things not really that I hate these.

  • Food: anything that is too pungent
  • Fruits : Durian
  • Veggies: broccoli
  • People: liars
  • Event/Situation/Incident: when I’m on the spotlight
  • TV shows/movies: nothing
  • Music: nothing
  • Household chores: cleaning the toilet
  • Thing/s around the world: racism, hate
  • Thing/s about myself: tend to lose control

Ten hate list and now for the ten tag list, not that I hate them. 🙂

paolomendoza, chuckie, daniel, dan, laya, lynette, sheila, jonasczille and mimie.


7 thoughts on “My Hate List

  1. oooh.. i hate brocolli too.. gotta make me one of these! thanks for the tag. =P

  2. Hahaha… nakaganti ka rin sa akin! Bwehehehehe! Bleh! 😛

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  5. Actually pareho tayo nd veg dislike brocolli.

  6. Pinoy salamat sa pagbisita, pasensya na sa delayed response. 😉

    Macnerdz salamat sa pagbisita, ahente ka ba ng acne cream??? 😀

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