Family and politics

A special report by GMANews.TV on political clans and pork barrel caught my eye last month. The Philippines is said to have good laws against corruption including nepotism however, it seems the Filipinos have not learned in the past when only the few controlled the government.

According to this report, at least nine families have access to at least PhP1 billion of pork barrel funds–a source of corruption as this kind of fund does not usually undergo scrutiny under the Commission on Audit. Now, do you still wonder why election, more specifically politics is a BIG THING in the Philippines. People literally kill to get their hands on various political posts.


One thought on “Family and politics

  1. we hve good laws against corruption? wow. didn’t know dat. if we have good laws, hindi kaya sa executive branch ang may pagkukulang. dagdag pa ng political will ang kailangan.

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